Shipping Vagaries


On November 28th, smarting from the more-or-less loss of the Monogram P-47, I ordered a set of aftermarket decals for Col. David Schilling’s “Hairless Joe” from everyone’s favorite massive online importer/distributor/retailer, Squadron.

The next day, I ordered an out-of-production Tally Ho! decal sheet for Henry Brown’s P-51D, “The Hun Hunter ~ Texas” from Hannants.

Squadron is located in the Dallas, Texas area. About 3.5 hours away.

Hannants is located in the UK. About half the U.S. and one Atlantic Ocean away.

And yet, they both arrived today, December 6th.

Yet another reason I don’t order from Squadron any more than I have to…


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  1. Dave says:

    Hannants is quick. They’ve gotten a lot of grief on the forums lately because of the credit card hacks (which I firmly believe was not their fault and was not in their control), but they always ship quick, and have top notch customer service. Plus they have a great selection of stuff. Really, their overseas shipping prices aren’t even that bad either.

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