Four Kits for $60

I didn’t go into the week intending to buy any kits. It just sort of happened.

Things started with an e-mail from Michaels (yes, that Michaels). Which is weird, because I personally don’t have much use for Michaels. Their model section – pretty extraordinarily decent when I was a kid – is so poorly stocked that they might as well not have it at all.

But…they sent me a coupon good for 50% off anything in the store.

Now…their kit selection is basically limited to Revell. There’s nothing in there I’d buy at full price, but half price on a 1/48 B-25 Mitchell? Hard to say no to that…

Kit #1 – Revell B-25J Mitchell – $12.50 at Michaels

After picking up the B-25, I decided to glance on Sprue Brothers and see what kind of aftermarket support the old kit had. And quickly discovered that Sprue Brothers is running a “daily deals” section during December, generally featuring two heavily discounted kits at a time.

Well, the one I stumbled across was a 1/48 Hasegawa Fw-190A-8. Usually $45. Selling for $16. I had to grab a few other things, too, and at that price, it’s hard to pass up.

Kit #2 – Hasegawa Focke Wulf Fw-190A-8 – $15.99 at Sprue Brothers

Then, a discussion of Accurate Miniatures’ P-51B/C kit somehow turned my interest to their kits of the Allison-engined Mustangs, the P-51A and the ground-attack A-36 Apache. On a whim, I decided to take a quick look on eBay. I’ve seen A-M kits for cheap at vendor tables, but online they usually command at least $30. So imagine my surprise to stumble upon a P-51A AND an A-36 both bidding at under $15, both with less than 15 hours to go. I tossed at maximum bid of $18 at each one, figuring I’d lose. But I didn’t. I won both of them for around $16 each.

Kits #3 & #4 – Accurate Miniatures P-51A Mustang and A-36 Apache – approx. $16 each on eBay

So…four kits for around $15 each. Not bad at all considering the quality involved.

Now to find the time to build them (and everything else in my stash)…

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