On the Bench: 1/35 AFV Club Achilles Mk.IIc

After Tamiya’s M4 Sherman Early Production, I was itching to dig into another armor build, but my stash presented me with too many interesting choices. To help things along, I took the decision out of my hands and opened it up to a poll. Well, the results are in, and the Achilles crushed the competition with 40% of the votes.

Achilles Mk.IIc 17-Pounder Anti-Tank Self-Propelled Gun

The Achilles was based on the U.S. M10 Tank Destroyer, itself based on the same VVSS chassis that underpinned the Sherman tank. When the Brits got their hands on the M10, they swapped its armament for their 17-pound gun, the same one they used to outfit their Sherman Firefly tanks.

While the Achilles and its gun packed a hell of a punch, the thinner armor and exposed turret left them quite vulnerable to German tanks. Still…the thing looks fearsome, and with its open turret, should provide both a nightmare of masking and lots of opportunity for detailing.

The AFV Club kit looks rather great…but this will also be my first non-Tamiya armor build. Ever. And my first exposed turret vehicle. And since I’m seriously considering taking on an example in winter whitewash camo, it will also be my first time attempting that technique.

Keep an eye out for the build reports!

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  1. Being that my Dad crewed an M-1o with the 893rd T.D. Bn.,attached to the 78thInf.DIV. & took part of the “Lightning strikes twice” campaign during the war,I have always had a soft spot for Allied T.D.’s [ in they’re many forms ].When I came back to modeling 9 years ago from childhood,the AFV M-10 was my 1st build [ I think it was an AFV kit ,as I recall half of the writing was in some asian dialect].Are you gonna use the “hairspay” thingie I’ve read about for the whitewash? Seems like a slam-dunk,acheiving the white-wash & weathering [ scratch-wise] all in one.Two projects away,I’m doing a “Huerten forest dio”,trying to recapture the classic photo from that unneccesary, nightmarish, waste of life. The picture shows an M-10 & another vehicle squeezing thru a tight ess turn on a narrow logging road in the dense forest.The only thing that’s delaying the projects start is that I’ve been parcelling out the cash a little at a time for the many realistic & numerous large conifers I’m gonna need.Pines are the one tree that I can’t make on my own ,as I have know idea how to reproduce pine needles.I apologize from getting sidetracked on your Achilles,But rambling on is My own ” Achilles” !!! Legend has an Accy. set for the Achilles/M-10,but your paying 18$ plus S & H for what amounts to a bunch of sand bags.I think your tack of detailing the inside makes more sense. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress.Oh, after my Huertgen Dio,I’m excited to do my 1st A/C build in years, a Cyber-hobby Ju88G-6 “Nightjager”.I’m kinda nervous & have been procrastinating on it for a couple reasons.First ,it’s 1/48th & I’m overdue for a new glasses RX.But, mostly because of the Intense squiggly camo scheme.My air brush skills,despite having used & practiced for quite a few years, might not be up to par for such a tough task on such a small surface.I got it quite cheap on e-bay & it camewith a nice pilot & crew set.So,the dio itself will be just something very simple,highlighting the plane itself,which I’ve always loved [ kinda like the Mosquito ]. Have you ever done this kit or one like it, as far as that camo scheme ? Someday I wanna do an “Iron Annie”.Well, I better get something done today ! keith r.

  2. Doogs says:

    Hey Keith – that dio sounds pretty cool…I really need to get off my duff about the dios, but lately I’ve just wanted to build kits, you know? I’ve got tons of ideas, just don’t have the inclination at the moment.

    I’ve never done a Ju-88 (or the squiggles), but I do have Cyber-Hobby’s 1/48 Bf 110D Nachtjager in the stash…came VERY close to building it instead of the Mossie, but the Mossie won out since it has slightly fewer glass panes to mask!

  3. Harold M Adams says:

    I’m very late to this conversation. About 5 years!;) While perusing the Internet I came across your wonderful model blog while researching the M10 tank destroyer. I have the AFV Club kit and experienced the same problems. This is is only my second kit, my first being the Tamiya M4A3 Sherman (Frontline breakthrough), after a return from a 25 year hiatus.
    I’m still working on the M10. I remedied the track issue by replacing the too short 3 bar cleat tracks with some Dragon DS rubber Chevron style tracks with the duck bill end connectors. And your right, the construction of this kit is pretty fiddly. Additions I used are the Verlinden M10 detail set, Tasca M2 .50 cal. M.G. set B, and some odds and ends for stowage from parts box. Still a work in progress.
    My next purchase will more than likely be an airbrush of good quality. Tired of using the good Ole rattle can:) Have plenty of tools and really enjoy the excellent choice and style of paints for an authentic finish and weathering. Right now have 6 kits on my shelf. All Shermans. Once I get the airbrush I’ll concentrate on some German armor.
    If you have any advice send it my way.
    thanks for listening.
    Great blog by the way.
    Kindest Regards;
    Harold Adams

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