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As it says at the bottom of the page, this blog is running on the WordPress platform. Having used all three of the major blogging platforms (Blogger, Typepad/Moveable Type, and now WordPress), I have to say WordPress is definitely my favorite of the lot.

It still has its drawbacks. The lack of plugins on (self-hosted .org sites get way more flexibility in this regard) and the somewhat shallow stats come to mind.

But for the most part, WordPress is aces. And they’ve done a bang-up job of keeping up with the times, pressing forward on things like mobile-optimized themes and video hosting while others have lagged a bit.

Now, they’ve rolled out iPad-optimized themes, and wow, are they slick. I’m stuck viewing them in Safari (to view in Safari, enable the Developer menu in preferences, then set the user to iPad), but they’re still pretty.

I’m still tooling with it a bit, but here’s how this site currently renders on the iPad.

And here’s what an individual post looks like:

I’m totally digging this. The functionality is fantastic, and like an eBook, you can “flip” through the blog pages just by swiping. Everything is highly intuitive and renders well. Honestly, I’m kind of hoping the desktop browser experience moves more in this direction. Until then, if you’ve got an iPad, enjoy!

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  1. Ronald l Logan says:

    love this site a lot to learn.

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