Big Jug


The P-47 Thunderbolt is my favorite plane from any era, hands down. I can’t point to any singular reason why. Rather, it’s the sum of the thing. The snarling Pratt & Whitney R2800 radial engine, the massive turbo-supercharger, the eight .50 cal Browning machine guns and sinister blast tubes. The hulking Jug’s sheer presence. Its excellence as both a fighter and strike aircraft. Its ridiculous durability and ability to withstand damage. And its somewhat rough-around-the-edges demeanor vis a vis the sleek Spitfire or the graceful Mustang.

My love of the Jug has led to it taking up a sizable percentage of my stash. In total, I have six different P-47s waiting to go.

The newest – Trumpeter’s 1/32 Razorback – arrived yesterday. I already had a sense of how big the Jug was in 32nd scale thanks to the Hasegawa kit my wife got me for Christmas, but somehow, the Trumpy kit seems even larger.

To give a sense of scale, here’s one of the props next to a soft drink can.

Do I have anywhere to put such a monster? No. Do I want to build it anyway?

Hell yes.

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  1. That thing is Huge !. Which brings me to a point never answered. Why cant they kick it down a notch to 1/35th ? Is that so much to ask ? Just think of how much $$$ they’d make satisfying boyh armor & Aircraft fans that do Dio’s ? Doogs,You have the power, Like Obi Wan. Make them do it ! The modelling world will achieve a Kind of ” Harmony”. I know you can do it,Doogs.You’re our only hope. Ooops.I should stop watching the original “Star Wars”. But you get the idea,I trust your hiden powers. keitht r.

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