Big Armor Sales at Sprue Brothers and Great Models


I’m not the sort to grouse about the price of model kits. The way I see it, this hobby is still way cheaper than just about any other that I might be pursuing.

But I’ve always been taken a little aback at the price of armor kits. $60-80 for a Panzer or a Sherman? That same kind of money could nab any number of very good 1/32 scale aircraft kits, or two or even three 1/48 aircraft.

Fortunately, armor goes on sale from time to time, and those $60 kits drop precipitously.

Like right now.

At this moment, I guess because of the AMPS 2011 show, both Sprue Brothers and Great Models are posting some ridiculous markdowns, especially among Dragon kits. Often around 50% off.

I just scored Dragon’s Tiger I Initial Production Smart Kit (#6600) for $30 (along with Alclad’s new line of clear coats, and a set of Friul tracks I need for my Achilles WIP).

Anyway, just thought I’d put the word out there, in case anyone reading has had their eye on this or that kit. Now might be a good time to pull the trigger.

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  1. Doogs,You should think about running for President ! Your opine’s about the inconsistency about model pricing,Was/Is brilliant. We are all smart enough to realize that the Mfgr’s of our beloved addiction know what the market will bare.I am with you , 110 %.Let’s show the bum’s [ keeping in mind that we al have stashs that will last a lifetime ].Us modeleler’s have made them very wealthy.Come on, guy’s[ & the few gal’s], Let’s leverage our buying power to show them, [ All Mfgr’s],& create a Moretorium of purchasing.If all of us modeler’s adhere’s to my proposal, You know darn well that price’s would go thru the basement.I am probably more guilty than most at purchasing the “latest/greatest.Doogs,I say we All agree to Not purchase another Kit.I am not striking out against the aftermarket producer’s.Most are small business people.Good for them.It’s bad enough this country is swirling down the crapper,Let’s at least do our part to stomp on the price’s of model’s [ when we all know how little it cost’s them to produce & market ]. “Power to the modeler’s” . Okay,most of you weren’t around during the Sixtie’s,sorry.

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