Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline

I just accepted a new job on Tuesday, and in keeping with tradition, bought myself a little something in celebration.

My rules for this splurge are pretty simple. No more than $200, and it has to be something I’ve wanted, but don’t really need. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a splurge, now would it?

This time around, I decided to throw down for a new airbrush – the Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline.


I mean, I already have FOUR airbrushes. Why do I need another?

Mainly because I don’t feel I’ve found the “right” airbrush yet.

Yes, the airbrush is just a tool, and it’s how you use it that matters, but it’s also true that some tools “feel” better than others. It’s the same with cameras, computers, and socket wrenches.

I’ve been reasonably pleased with elements of my various airbrushes, but I’ve also felt a bit like Goldilocks and the porridge. From what I’ve been reading, though, the H&S seems like it may be what I’ve been looking for.

We’ll see. It should be arriving Thursday. Look for a review to follow shortly thereafter.

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  1. keith rudzik says:

    Doogs, I’m definately a Piker as far as my airbrush abilitie’s.Will the new wand you treated yourself to do miraculous stuff ? I only ask because ,i’ own 2 cheapo’s.A Tamiya ” sprayworks & an a Testors Aztek.I so badly wan’t to get a real airbrush,but which one ? I am a prolific reader of all the usuual Mag’s.They never say anything bad [ I assume they want to keep, all advertiser’s happy ] You sound thrilled about your new purchase.Please advise.P.S. I went to the Univ, of Okla. in Norman.Please forgive me, Keith R.

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