Two More to the Stable

Last week, I splurged on a Harder & Steenbeck Evolution to celebrate a new job. In the end, it came down to the H&S Evolution or the Badger Patriot. The decision was so tough – both have very positive reviews – that I literally decided with a coin toss.

Then, not a day after the Evolution arrived, I saw a thread pop up on the FSM forums – Badger Patriot shipped for $62.


Checked it out and found out that, sure enough, Tc Graphics and Paint was running a pretty ridiculous sale. Badger Patriots for $62. And the higher-end, fine-line Badger Renegade Velocity for $70.

I ordered one of each (the proceeds from selling the Grex will more than cover for both), and they arrived yesterday.

So far, I’ve only had the chance to hold them, but they both feel great in the hand. The Harder & Steenbeck feels great in a light-yet-precise way. These…they feel solid. And I can’t wait to get them loaded up with paint.

Look for a comprehensive review soon!

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  1. Aaron says:

    Doogs, I use the Patriot and I really like it. Tenically it’s the only airbrush I’ve ever used…so my opinion is just that. I got the airbrush about a year ago and it was a great tool to learn on. It’s very easy to clean (again, nothing to compare it to) and I find a lot of satisfaction in the results that I get. So here’s wishing you a fun time using the Patriot which I have come to regard as one of my “best” tools.



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