The LaGG Lags…

Work on the LaGG-3 is being suspended indefinitely.

I managed to slice my thumb with a knife while doing dishes over the weekend, and it’s made me a bit clumsy at the bench. While test-fitting one of the cockpit side windows, I slipped and dropped it.

Of course, since I had just cleaned the garage floor earlier in the day, the part immediately entered into a wormhole and vanished. I searched for an hour, with no luck.

I’m sure it will turn up eventually, so for now, the LaGG-3 is going back into the box to await the day the part is found.

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  1. keith rudzik says:

    Doogs, WeAll feel your pain [ not the thumb,the missing part !!!! ]. Most of us have the “Carpet Monster’. You have a bit of a differant beast.A Garage floor Ghoul.I don’t know what your set-up looks like,But I’d think you’d have an easier type flooring to search,but still,it’s amazing how things just vanish. Best wishes with the thumb, also. keith r.

  2. Aaron says:

    Bummer! Sorry to hear about the missing piece. I know the feeling. Is there another kit to take it’s place in your build line up?

    Thanks, enjoying the blog!

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