The LaGG Lags…

Work on the LaGG-3 is being suspended indefinitely.

I managed to slice my thumb with a knife while doing dishes over the weekend, and it’s made me a bit clumsy at the bench. While test-fitting one of the cockpit side windows, I slipped and dropped it.

Of course, since I had just cleaned the garage floor earlier in the day, the part immediately entered into a wormhole and vanished. I searched for an hour, with no luck.

I’m sure it will turn up eventually, so for now, the LaGG-3 is going back into the box to await the day the part is found.

3 thoughts on “The LaGG Lags…

  1. Doogs, WeAll feel your pain [ not the thumb,the missing part !!!! ]. Most of us have the “Carpet Monster’. You have a bit of a differant beast.A Garage floor Ghoul.I don’t know what your set-up looks like,But I’d think you’d have an easier type flooring to search,but still,it’s amazing how things just vanish. Best wishes with the thumb, also. keith r.

  2. Bummer! Sorry to hear about the missing piece. I know the feeling. Is there another kit to take it’s place in your build line up?

    Thanks, enjoying the blog!

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