Wingnut Wings Sopwith Pup Build Report 5: Decals

It’s official! The decals are on!

Why does this step warrant its own build report?

Because these Wingnut Wings decals are quite simply the best decals I have ever used. And not just by a hair. These decals blow every other decal sheet I’ve used absolutely and completely out of the water. Not even a contest.

What makes them so great?

Minimal carrier film. And by minimal I mean none. Oh, there’s some around the Black Arrow, and around the “P” on the fuselage and the “Lift Here” stencils. But it’s minimal. And around the cockades, there is not even a sliver of carrier film to be seen. It’s amazing.

Exceptionally Tough. Some decals explode or fall all to pieces if you look at them wrong. Or they roll up just to send you into paroxysms of rage. Not these. They held together admirably well, even when being dragged across my less-than-perfect surface (the Tamiya Olive Drab unfortunately went down somewhat “dusty” in places. And by in places, I mean all over. But these scooted over the surface without complaint.

Settle Down Perfectly. Usually, tough decals are tough, and don’t settle down over and into surface details very well. Not so here! These decals settled down perfectly, with very little help. And, despite my dusty finish, there was zero silvering.

I may have to buy another Wingnut kit soon, just for the awesomeness of the decals. Holy cow.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Wow, that’s really looking good. I wish all decals were as sweet as those. Someday, a wingnut kit will sit on my desk. 🙂

    I had issues with my Tamiya OD as well. Dusty is the word I would use as well. I had to buff the whole model with a rag to get things smooth again. Lots of future mixed with a drop of simple green smoothed out the rest. Next time I’m going to use Xtracrylics OD that I have.

    Keep the posts coming. I enjoy reading all of ’em. I’m looking forward to your Spitfire build when it kicks off. What a great way to celebrate the Spitfire’s 75 anniversary! I have a Mk. I and Mk. VII to celebrate. 🙂

    1. Doogs says:

      Aaron – I keep trying Tamiya acrylics and keep coming away frustrated with the dusting on the darker colors (except black, which always goes down nice). I’ve been trying some Vallejo Model Air lately, with mixed results as well.

      For the Spit, I’m planning on going back to Gunze Mr. Color paints. I used them on the 109 I did earlier this year and was very impressed.

  2. Andy Lundergaard says:

    i wonder if the tamiya dustiness could be avoided using lacquer thinner to thin it. i have problems with it once in a while too, all of their “darkish” colors seem to do that. maybe they need to be thinned more than usual.
    i’ve found the LifeColor acrylics, using distilled water, go on really smooth. oddly, using their own thinner i got terrible results. but using water i have had good luck with them and the colors seem to be close enough for me.
    get to that rigging! 🙂 looking forward to the madness.

    1. Doogs says:

      Andy – that’s just the thing – I DO use lacquer to thin Tamiya. Gunze Mr. Leveling Thinner, to be exact.

      I’ve tried LifeColor in the past, but they’ve always gone down ridiculously thin. And that’s been with their thinner, Testors universal acrylic thinner, distilled water, and Future. That, and I’ve found their adhesion to be seriously lacking.

      Never fear…rigging is coming up soon. Just finishing some details that need to go on before I start adding eyebolts and turnbuckles…

  3. mark says:

    Wow Doog.

    I have the old 1/28 Revell “Camel”…..’bout 85% done…….my decals have exploded also!! The build is on hold until 1/28 replacements can be found…..dont want to try an paint the roundels. I sprayed the Engine cowling with alclad “stainless” and airframe” aluminum. my rigging is with invisible sewing thread, and the turn-buckles are made from heated and shrunk Q-tip tubing…(didnt open the pulleys access covers on the wings) :(…..ah anyway this is your build, just reminded me of the stalled one sitting over here in the display case”

    Anyway,..your build is looking fantastic brother! I just love these old “stringbags”! Tally-ho!

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