Dragon Panzer IV Ausf. G Build Report 3: Decals, Tracks, Weathering

Last time around, we left the Panzer IV in whitewash.

After glossing the relevant areas, I applied the decals. Not much point detailing that. There were maybe six or seven all told.

Drybrushing and Detail Work

After painting the whitewash, I felt it was too vibrant and wanted to tone it back, so I drybrushed the kit with Model Master Dunkelgelb, then went back and added the pioneer tools, jack, etc.

I also painted the exhaust with a combination of Vallejo acrylics, MIG pigments, and artist oils.

And ran the friul tracks through a Blacken-It bath. Overall the stuff worked quite well, though I wish I could find a cheaper option.

With everything painted up properly, I started the weathering process. This began with dot filtering and streaking with a number of artist oils – raw umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, payne’s gray and transparent white. Once I got to a happy place with those, I made up mud sludge consisting of 1) Future, 2) dirt, 3) MIG Pigments and 4) MIG Acrylic Resin. This was slopped onto the lower hull and tracks, and spattered on the forward hull and fenders. As it dried, Woodland Scenics snow was dusted on. More was fixed to the upper surfaces with some diluted white glue…though I’m not certain I’m done with that part of it yet.

As the mud sludge started to dry, I decided to test-fit the muddied, snowed-up tracks. Good thing, too! Acrylic resin dries HARD, and when I picked up the tank the following morning, let’s just say the friuls are no longer workable tracks!

Here’s where the Panzer sits at the moment. I have a bit more I want to do with the weathering, but this one’s very nearly done.

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