On the Bench: 1/35 Cyber-Hobby Panzer III Ausf.L “Vorpanzer”

The Panzer III was a mainstay of the German army, and a principal actor in the blitzkrieg campaigns against Poland, France, and the Soviet Union, as well as a major component of Rommel’s Afrika Korps. Like all German tanks, it underwent significant upgrades throughout its production life. The Ausf.L debuted in the summer of 1942 to meet new threats from the east – specifically the Soviet T-34. The L was upgunned with the 50mm KwK 39 L/60 and uparmored with spaced frontal armor.

Though German’s principal tank at the time of Operation Barbarossa in 1941, the Panzer III was obsolesced by the upgunned and uparmored Panzer IV Ausf. G and Ausf.H and the mighty Tiger, and after the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943 it was relegated to secondary roles, and many Panzer III chassis were converted into turretless Sturmgeschutz III assault guns.


The Cyber-Hobby boxing of the Vorpanzer (literally “Forward Panzer”, denoting the spaced frontal armor, but sounding extra awesome just like all German names for war-related things) looks fantastic, easily on par with the Panzer IV Ausf.G I’m just coming off of.

I’m planning on adding aftermarket Friulmodel tracks and an alumimum 50mm barrel to this build, and there’s a decent chance I’m going to give a go at making it the subject of my first diorama. Stay tuned!




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  1. keith rudzik says:

    Wow,Doogs,Has the worm bit,Or is it that your garage isn’t air-conditioned during this time of year’s heat ? No matter,Your blog’s have been both entertaining as well as educational.But, to hear that you might be jumping off that HUGE cliff called Diorama’s, shucks,if you were single I’d introduce you to My Sister. Diorama’s are my passion, & your abilities exceed mine.I have no doubt it’ll be a home run.I have many odds & ends hanging around.So if there is some little Dio item you may need,if it’s in my inventory,Gimme a holler.I may be able to help.Us Diorama builders always buy much more than we need [ like all other aspects of modelling ].Like your tip on the Ma Deuce f/ Kings Hobby, Why buy one ,when three is about as cheap after shipping. When the weather cools & I’m huddled in for the long N.E. winter, I have a Cyberhobby JU88G-6 “Nachtjager” Dio planned.Ever build one in your years of aviation modelling ? No Matter, Good luck on the Vorpanzer III build.Can’t wait to see the progress.Till then, my two & four wheels are in the dirt till things start to freeze. Semper fi , keith r.

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