Color Accuracy…

I’m not too much of a stickler for getting the exact right shade of a color. Heck, I have no right to be. I build World War II machinery, at a time when the olive drab could be any color anywhere between green, yellow and brown, when stocks of red might be supplemented by barn paint, and when paints were far more susceptible to UV fading and damage than they are today.

So I don’t usually fret. As long as the color’s close enough, awesome.

Gearing up to paint the Spitfire VIII, I opened my bottle of Gunze-Sangyo Azure Blue and found something, well, not close enough. So I went out and bought Model Master’s version of RAF Azure Blue.

For the record, here’s a reference profile…just to set a baseline. Azure Blue is a sort of light-ish underside blue.

Now here are the two bottles of paint.

One of these is certainly in the ballpark. The other, well, WHAT THE HELL, GUNZE? What am I supposed to use that on?

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  1. Aaron says:

    Actually, that gunze looks a lot like the Pollyscale Azure blue that I use. I THINK azure had a bit of purple color to the blue. But hey, how would I know!

    Where do you get your Gunze paints? I can’t find a reliable stock to order from. Any help would be appreciated as I really like their mr. hobby line.


  2. randy says: for all my gunze products. the gunze azure seems to have more purple in it. MM is more lighter.

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