Announcing Future Build Previews!


UPS delivered some really nifty aftermarket bits this afternoon, and going through them, I had a minor epiphany.

I love writing build reports, how-tos, and the occasional observation or rant about the industry as a whole, but I have this whole slew of really cool builds planned, and they stay more or less locked away in an Excel spreadsheet.

So why not share them?

I’m planning to come at these from a few different directions…

Subject – A brief look at the significance (or lack thereof) of the subject – the aircraft or vehicle itself in the larger scheme of things, and what drew me to it in the first place.

Kit – The specific kit. What made me choose Kit A versus Kit B or C? What’s special about this particular kit?

Aftermarket – What additions am I making? Why? Convenience? Looks? Conversion necessities?

Markings – Lastly, the markings and the specific aircraft or vehicle. What role did it play? Was it just a cool scheme, or is there history behind it?

I think this might be a really fun way to both explore the stash and expose some of the really cool options that exist, and maybe give other modelers some inspiration!

What do you think? Are there any kits in the stash you want kicked to the top of the preview pile?

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  1. Aaron says:

    I vote for Eduard’s Hellcat Mk.II 1/48 or Academy’s Spitfire Mk. XIVc kicked to the top of the pile. 🙂

    Great idea.


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