On the Bench: 1/35 Tasca M4A3(76)W Sherman

I haven’t written much about it, but the family and I are moving sometime in the next 6-10 weeks. Not cities, just houses. Single story with a flat driveway and a big backyard for the kids. And…dedicated bench space in the garage.

It’s all very exciting and stressful, but it also means that the time’s coming to pack up the bench.

Thing is, modeling is my release valve, and one I’m loathe to shut off altogether.

So…I’m going to pack up most of the bench. The paints, the airbrushes, the pigments, the masking and decal materials. But I’m going to leave out the building supplies. And, while the rest of the bench is out of commission, I’m going to build armor kits. Basically through to the painting stage.

First up? Tasca’s M4A3(76)W Sherman.

I’ve always loved upgunned Shermans – the Firefly, the Easy-Eight, the Jumbo, and the (76)W. And from all the reviews, Tasca kits are the bee’s knees AND the cat’s meow all rolled into one.

This one should be fun. Stay tuned!

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