Cyber-Hobby Panzer III Ausf.L Build Report 4: Final Touches and Future Plans

Well, I goofed.

I’m normally pretty good about taking in-progress photos to go along with these posts. But with the Vorpanzer, I kinda slacked on that front. So I don’t have any progress pics.

Instead I’ll just post the final result, then come back around and talk about the final touches.

So, without further adieu…

Final Touches

The final touches consisted of three parts.

First – the lights. Painted the reflectors Model Master Chrome Silver (still have yet to find anything that can beat this paint for this purpose) and glued the kit lenses in place. Done.

Second – the tracks. I weathered these with a heavy wash of Burnt Sienna and then Raw Umber artist oils, then went over those with Dark Mud and Russian Earth MIG pigments. I brushed these in good, then dabbed the tracks with Mona Lisa Odorless Thinner to lock them in place. Before installation I also “scuffed” the tracks with a pencil to simulate bared metal where the tracks would be in contact with paved surfaces.

Third – pigments. The tracks weren’t the only part of the build to meet MIG pigments. The running gear and lower hull got a dusting with various levels of buildup. My goal with the Vorpanzer was a slightly broken-in look, but not the hard-ridden, Lindsay Lohan look I gave the Panzer IV Ausf.G. I think I managed to find a slightly happier middle ground.

And…that’s that!

Future Plans

I’d originally hoped to put this tank on a diorama, but the impending move has pushed that off. And besides, my plans for a diorama have grown considerably. In fact, when I get around to it, the diorama will have not one, but at least three, and maybe four vehicles.

If you happen to know about s.Pz.Abt.502 and what the Panzer III-Ls were doing out on the Leningrad front in the first place, the first vehicle is fairly obvious.

The Panzer IIIs were used mainly to escort and protect the big Tigers, go after soft targets, and otherwise clear the road.

The second vehicle is the venerable BMW R12 motorcycle, in this instance the very good Zvezda kit:

Maybe riding back with scouted enemy positions? Or riding forward with orders?

As for a fourth vehicle…I’m thinking maybe…and I stress maybe…a destroyed something. Knocked out Russian tank, maybe?

We shall see.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Panzer III Ausf. L in the Completed Builds forum!

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  1. keith rudzik says:

    Adieu ? Bien Fait,Ami.Plus de photo’s. If you keep this blog goin, I might actually become a better modeller ! keith r.

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