First Contest

This weekend, the Austin Scale Modelers’ Society is putting on its annual contest and show.

I went last year. Snagged several great kits that I still haven’t build yet. But I didn’t enter anything. At the time I was just getting back into the hobby. I’d built my P-51B and Dauntless, and I think I’d maybe moved on to the Wildcats by this point.

But I do remember looking at the entrants and thinking…next year. Then I went home, came down with a nasty stomach bug Nolan passed on to the rest of us, and missed a video shoot at Sony’s US headquarters out in San Diego.

Well, it’s next year. And I’m entering my first model contest.

I’ve waffled back and forth a bit over what to bring, but I’ve finally settled on these three:

Spitfire Mk.VIII:

Bf 109E-7 Trop:

Panzer III Ausf.L:

Will I win? Will I place? I doubt it – but we’ll see!

And just to wreck any chances of actually finding them, I’d love to find a Hasegawa AU-1, Dragon T-34/85, and a Trumpeter P-47N at the tables tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “First Contest

  1. those models will certainly be up there with the best of em. especially the spit looks gorgeous! Good luck and see you over at FSM. Kermit

  2. i’m placing bets on your Spit. the best weathering finish i have ever seen (have mined many forums these past few months) and that Rolls…..good luck.

  3. Alas, the Spit didn’t even place – but competition was fierce in 1/32. I need to be sure to build more multi-engine props (time to get crackin’ on that Mossie Night Intruder and PBJ-1!), self-propelled artillery and box-stock armor (there was only one entry)…

    The Panzer III, on the other hand, picked up third place!

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