Tank Time Update

The rash of tank building while the majority of the bench is packed away continues.

The Trumpeter KV-2 is through main construction, save one run of friul tracks.

Up next? The Cyber-Hobby Orange Box M4A4 Sherman, which is destined for a kickin’ natural metal finish. But for now, like the others, is just going to ramp through construction.

After the Sherman, I’m thinking I may tackle Dragon’s Late Production Tiger I Ausf.E. But we’ll see.

In other news, I’m really missing aircraft! Especially since UPS-Claus dropped off this honey of a kit today:

The Mk.XIV is my favorite Spitfire. The snarling Griffon engine, the absurd five-bladed prop, the fact that it played a key role in shooting down Nazi V-1 flying bombs (and, occasionally, tipping them with its wingitps!). Love this plane, and somebody’s finally made one in big, beautiful 1/32 scale.

Now I just need to get this move done and get my bench back.

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