How Would You Improve Doogs’ Models?


This month, Doogs’ Models marks its first anniversary. Kind of amazing to think it’s been around a whole year already!

In that time, traffic has grown from pretty much zero to up to around 8,500 visits per month.

But in that time, what I write about hasn’t really changed. Nor has how I write about it.

Moving into year two, I’m considering shaking things up a bit. Before I do, though, I figured I’d ask you what you’d like to see more of? Less of?

Here are a few things I’ve been pondering…

  • Build Reports – For the past year, I’ve taken a multi-part approach to build reports, usually focusing individual posts on things like construction, painting, weathering, and so on. Would anyone rather see it all in one go? Or does the phased approach seem to work better?
  • Build Pages – Are these working? What could be improved?
  • Aftermarket Reviews – I’ve done a few of these…but is there any interest in deeper or more frequent reviews of various aftermarket products – photo etch and resin sets, metal barrels, decal sheets, and so on?
  • What Next? Polls – I’ll admit, I have a blast with the polls. They keep a bit of excitement in what I’ll pull out of my stash next, and it’s always surprising to see which kit rises to the top. It’s never yet been the one I’d expect. But sometimes I think maybe I’m the only one that enjoys these.
  • New Formats – It’s a pain, but I’ve been toying with the idea of trying my hand at a video build here and there. Is this something anybody would have any interest in? Another option…building Powerpoints for some multi-step techniques (like the three-layer blend, biplane rigging, or weathering armor) and embedding them into posts via SlideShare.
  • Subject Matter – I tend to do a lot of build reports, but I’ve been known to veer. Perhaps most prolifically with the job situation this summer. And I know in the near future I’ll be chronicling the rebuilding of the bench with the move. But beyond that? More techniques? More rants? More…god forbid…politics?
Feel free to sound off in the comments!






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  1. gott_cha says:

    Doog,.. I would like to see a How too series dealing with basics..( we all could benefit from a refresher at times )…., working up thru advance, the ones you use in the AC and Armour builds….even some for ships if you venture that way at times..

    The site is sure getting better and hope to see it grow.
    Best of luck with this coming move.

    1. Doogs says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I think it’s easy to veer away from dealing with the basics, but I know I’ve developed a few idiosyncrasies in the way I build and paint, and sharing those might inspire others or ease the way through a rough patch…

      As for ships…they’ll certainly be a part of 2012. Or, one of them will. I’m planning a waterline build of Trumpeter’s 1/350 USS North Carolina, complete with an ocean base. So I’ll probably be obsessing over how to pull that off.

  2. Rick says:

    I will be working the bench in a few months after being off for a loooong time.

    Two things I’d like to see you share your exceptional skill-sets: Photo Etch and Weathering/Wash.

    Photo Etch
    I am scared to death of tackling this. I will take the plunge after a few 21st Century repaints and easy kit builds. But the big gorilla in the room looms. Bending and working the PE SA mortifies me.

    What I did 20 years ago has become much more refined. I get the wash/dry brush/dirt effects. However, I’d like to see more details on how its done, you have these methods down extremely well. Your Spit engine and weathering is still seared in my mind.

    8.5k hits a month? You need to get some sponsors on Doogs’ Models. You have great building and writing skill-sets.

    1. Doogs says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, Rick!

      I’ll admit, photo etch half terrifies me still! I’m comfortable enough with pieces of it, but I really need to buckle down and invest in one of those bending stations for the small bits.

      Weathering is something I’d be happy to cover. I know I have a bad tendency to just get on a tear without documenting things once the kit’s that far along. But I’ve got that Wake Island Wildcat planned for December…should be perfect for a weathering treatise!

  3. Andy (Lundergaard) says:

    Doogs, your blog is great and that is evident by your traffic reports. I really enjoy your build logs but my only suggestion would be to eventually collapse an entire build log into ONE post when you are completed. That way you can actually start at top and scroll thru the whole page to see it all happen. Is that even possible in Blogland? Not sure what that would do to comments for each build log section…
    More reviews too. It’s great to read about kits and AM products that may otherwise get no attention elsewhere.
    And… i agree with Rick, a few well placed (and pertinent) ads would generate some deserved income for you.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Doogs says:

      Andy – thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely try to add some more reviews. I already do mini-reviews of kits in the completed builds section, but I think aftermarket accessories need some more attention. I know that’s something I always hate when looking for them. Say you find four different metal barrels for a tank. Is one better than the other? Or how awful was the modification requirement to fit this piece of resin, etc?

      As for rolling up the posts, unfortunately, I don’t think I can do that without losing the excellent comments. What I can do is add links into the posts to tie them together, so the flow is there.

      Lastly, ads. Unfortunately, the way I’ve got things set up right now, I’m going through and don’t have control over any ads that may show up. Taking that problem in hand and turning it around would require some pretty drastic solutions and incur costs (going to self-hosted and using It’s something I might do in the future, but not just yet.

  4. keith rudzik says:

    Doog’s , Your abilities are obvious in your blog.We all model for self gratification, 1st , recognition ,2nd.With your talent [ And this comes strictly from a Dio modeller ]<Why have You not done Diorama's ? With what you've been through the past year or so, I'd think You'd be ripe for venting !!!! Diorama's can be a great way of telling history , while using artistic liscence to expunge. Please don't take my view as critisism, only food for thought during a trying time.No matter, I enjoy the " Cajones" out of your site. Best Wishes, keith R.

    1. Doogs says:

      Keith – the reason (so far) is twofold. First…I’ve known since February or so that this move was coming. I’m honestly not looking forward to moving the kits I have built, but moreso I’ve held off building others or and dios due to current shelfspace and transportation hassles. Otherwise I’d probably have at least one 1/32 P-47 on the shelf, a 1/48 PBJ, and I’d probably be racing to put the finishing touches on Tamiya’s new P-51 by now!

      The second reason is simply that I keep wanting to build kits, and the idea of a diorama kind of paralyzes me and so I jump to the next kit. That and…I’m no great shakes at figures.

      1. keith rudzik says:

        I definately share your view on the space that Dio’s take up.I’m fortunate [ well, not really ],that I live alone in my home & have a gearth of space that someday WILL run out.I also agree w/ you about figures, which really help tell the story on a Dio.Faces ,more than anything, make or break a Dio. Like that stale old joke,” How do you get to broadway ? Practice,practice,practice. Kudo’s to Gott_cha & Rick.Every one of us can always learn from another modeller as good as you. You have the abilities to teach as well as sharing your work on this Blog.The sponsor idea is great,too.In these economic times, & you having a family,I’m sure you could always ude a few extra Dinero’s [ Can you imagine what college is gonna cost when your troops are at that point ? Hey, regardless,even if you just keep on doing what you have done,We’ll all still enjoy & appreciate your site. P.S. Whatever weekend you’re moving, I’m busy !!!! Just kidding,wish I could help. Keith R.

  5. Doogs says:

    Alright…I’ve been experimenting with putting the build reports into a single build log, using anchor links to create something of a “table of contents” for those who want to jump to a specific section rather than read a novel just to check out decals or whatnot.

    Take a look!

    1. herberr says:

      Hi Doog– Like your idea for turning Build Logs into Pages. A table that breaks down the materials and paint numbers you used would be welcomed too.


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