Fall Giveaway – And the Winners Are…


The 1st Annual Doogs’ Models Fall Giveaway has come and gone…and it’s time to announce the winners!

Before I do, though, I have to say that this giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time for me, personally. Life, since the last days of October, has been one stress after another…moving, getting a house ready to sell, vomiting children, a daughter in the hospital, a sinus infection…and in the middle of it all, these great stories of your favorite builds. Reading the accounts – even though I haven’t found time to respond to each of them yet – they absolutely made my week.

I will definitely be doing this giveaway again next year…and who knows…maybe I’ll toss in a few smaller ones, here and there.

Okay…on to the winners.

Taking first, and claiming the Hasegawa P-47, is ANDY, whose favorite kit is the Tamiya Fw 190A-8 he polished off just before bringing twin girls home from the hospital!

And…taking second and by default the armor category winner, the Bronco Bishop, is TIM WILDING, whose favorite build is a Tamiya Cromwell that marked a lot of materials and technique firsts and, “most importantly, it was fun to build”…

Tim and Andy, congrats! And if either of you want to send along updates or even build logs of the kits, I’d be happy to toss them up as guest posts!

And thank you to everyone who participated…truly awesome accounts, and I hope you’ll be back for the next giveaway!

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  1. gott_cha says:

    Congrats to all!

  2. Rick says:

    Thanks for sponsoring the “Fall Giveaway”. A great interactive platform for this forum. I too, enjoyed reading the stories and look forward to seeing posts on the builds by Andy and Tim. This has certainly built a form of camaraderie among those of us who shared our stories.

    Sorry to hear about your challenges with the move, been there (it sucks) and its hard on the little kids.

    Hope your kids are feeling better. It’s amazing the impact our children have on our lives. Truly makes you wiser, stronger and desire to be the, (quoting our 6 yo daughter) “best parents ever!”

  3. Andy says:

    I never win anything in the “random drawing” category so i am thrilled! This was a lot of fun! Thanks to Doogs!
    I just bid on the 1/32 Master blast tubes for the P-47 so will give the kit everything I’ve got. I will send along build reports once I get started.
    Doogs, I hope things are calming down with the illnesses, the move, the STRESS! Remember to take some time for yourself too.

  4. Nice……. Doogs, thanks for sponsoring the giveaway. Congrats to Andy and Tim

  5. Tim Wilding says:

    I want to thank Doog again for holding this wonderful contest. I am so psyched to get started on the Bishop. Looks like an awesome kit.
    If I can figure out how, I will post some photos of it.

    1. Doogs says:

      Tim – if you want to e-mail me links to where the photos are posted, along with some write-up, I’ll happily post it up here. Looking forward to that Bishop!

  6. Congrats to the winners! Doogs, it looks like you’ve gathered quite the crew here! I was surprised to see so many recent returns to the hobby. I noticed here in Indy that there’s been a sizeable boom of people my age returning to kit building and as far as I can tell it’s tied to the economy. When I talk to the guys here, many of them are out of jobs or having to cut back on big expenditures and a plastic kit is able to provide many hours of entertainment, a sense of achievement, and comradery shared among builders at a very fair price! Your generous prizes will give Andy, Tim and the rest of us just these things and I’m stoked to have stumbled upon your blog and I’m looking forward to the boys’ build logs!

    1. Doogs says:

      Reamon – I’ve definitely noticed a pretty big “return” contingent of late. In my case not so much the economy as…my work mostly involves thinking and writing and the internet, so I was aching to do something with my hands. To actually build something physical. My wife is actually the one who suggested I give modeling a try again, and it just clicked!

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