January Housekeeping


Hey everyone. Wanted to take a break from usually scheduled programming to address three things.

First – the single-post Build Logs are going away.

I’m sorry guys. I really am. I know the single-post builds were a requested item, and I really liked the idea in theory, but in implementation it’s quickly become something of an anchor. The reasons are twofold.

First, in terms of length, the build logs get very unwieldy very fast. Both in the writing and in the reading.

Second, and more the dealbreaker for me, is that WordPress doesn’t allow you to “draft” an update to a live post. In layman’s terms, when I go to update a build log, I have to do it in one go. There’s no “sentence here, paragraph there” approach. Which, between work and kids, makes it pretty much non-workable. There is a workaround of maintaining the posts in Word, then copying and pasting, but I have several HTML elements I have to keep in the air with the build log posts, and those don’t seem to transfer very well. And…the onus of having to update at once, or maintain this separate thing in Word …has just killed my output. Know how many posts I’ve started in 2012?


That’s going to change.

The single-post logs may be going away, but I am planning to make moving between posts a lot more painless. Stay tuned. I’ll probably be converting the Fiat G.55 build log in the next few days.

Second – January 2012 is on track to be this blog’s best month ever.

19 days into the month, this site has racked up nearly 7,900 visits. Yeah, paltry compared to plenty of other sites, but not bad at all for a small hobby blog that was stretching to pull in 1,900 views a year ago. This month has also seen a long-standing single busiest day record shattered.

So thank you, for continuing to visit despite my lack of fresh posts!

Third – get ready for some more giveaways!

The Fall Giveaway was such a smashing success that I don’t think I can wait a year to host another! I’m still trying to work through the structure…not as blow-out as the Fall Giveaway…but stay tuned for details. And share any ideas you have on entry requirements. Last time around it was posting a comment relating your favorite build, and why. What this time? Any suggestions from the audience?

First kits up? Copies of the Jugs I’m building – two 1/48 P-47 Razorbacks, one Monogram, one Tamiya…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dave Osborne says:

    Doogs- a well-deserved congratulations on the blog success. No worries here on the post frequency, at least at this address. I love reading about the plastic, but I too have lots of life’s irons in the fire. Your content quality is more important than the quantity.

    More giveaways? Your pay-it-forward, or hobby enthusiasm, or generosity, or whatever you call it is truly admirable. I have no ideas on entry requirements, but it’s always great to see enthusiasm and encouragement spread around.

  2. Scott Atchison says:

    Awesome Doogs! Can’t get enough of big Jugs. How about to enter you have to have decals/markings for the Jug and then the winner has to submit the finished product on your site.

  3. Bob Hill says:


    Thanks for the switch back from the single post blogs. They made following the updates a bit complicated. Awesome site, a real help and inspiration to my building. Thanks for all your hard work!

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