WingXL Announces Their First Release – 1/32 Martin B-26 Marauder


While the modeling world – or portions of it – await the impending release of the massive H-K Models 1/32 B-25J Mitchell later this month, the other half of the Wingscale debacle appears to be moving forward as well.

Rather than compete head-on with a 1/32 B-25 of its own (a B-25C/D is planned), WingXL will start things off with another twin-engined medium bomber, the Martin B-26B/C Marauder.

While there aren’t any test shots, prices, or other firm release information as of yet, WingXL’s site is indicated a Q3 2012 release, and has already posted three rather striking marking options. My favorite is Barracuda:

I’m particularly excited about this, as the B-26 is one of the really overlooked subjects of the modeling world. There are some 1/48 kits that are buildable, but they all have their share of issues and don’t live up to the Revellogram or Accurate Miniatures B-25 kits. And in 1/32 scale, there’s nothing.

Two 1/32 medium bombers is really pushing things, display-wise, but as of now, consider my interest piqued.

I’ll post more information as it becomes available.

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  1. Scott Atchison says:

    Awesome! You realize you have to do two of them. One OD and on NM.

  2. Bill Harrington says:

    been waiting for years-what happened B.26????

    1. Doogs says:

      Well, WingXL never really went anywhere, so this ended up a pipe dream…

      1. Bill Harrington says:

        well it seems like the whole modeling industry is going into a pipe dream -distributors closed -hobby shops closed,the shop i go to just closed-what good is the model with no supplies to build it? think the prices on this stuff has gotten way out of line its a hobby not a payment on a car

  3. I’d just like to say that The B-26 has already been made in 1/32 scale. I had a 1/32 scale model B-26 in 1963 when I was 10 years old. I believe it was by Revell. The model was covered in raised rivets. It also had raised marking lines all over the fuselage and wings for the decals. I discovered the 1/32 scale B-26 again through an acquaintance who gave me his trashed version back in 1993. I also had a 1/32 scale P-61 Black widow by the same firm when I was a boy.

  4. David Hallas says:

    Interested in hearing more when information on the B-26 is available!

    1. Doogs says:

      Well, this post is nearly seven years old and WingXL failed to launch, so you’ll be waiting quite some time.

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