Thinning the Herd


Since coming back to modeling in July 2010, I’ve accumulated quite the stash as I’ve kept an eye out for deals and succumbed to various lacks of willpower.

But in that time, my tastes and interests have evolved. I’ve found some kits I really enjoy. I’ve discovered a love for 1/32 scale that’s all but ruined me on 1/48 for tiny aircraft like the Bf 109.

So I’ve decided to thin the herd and sell off a selection of the kits I’ve come to acknowledge I’ll never build. Before I start into the eBay route, I figured I’d offer them up here. Assume shipping within the US at $9 per, though I’ve no doubt I can knock that down if you spring for multiples – particularly the smaller kits. Aftermarket and such goodies noted.

If you’re interested in anything below, just e-mail me at…

1/32 Scale

  • Cyber-Hobby Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 – $30I’ve already build a 1/32 Emil, and I’ve got two of these Cyber-Hobby masterpieces in the stash. Only need one.
  • Trumpeter F4U-4 Corsair – $30Scored this one off eBay, only to discover I didn’t read the fine print, and that it was already (poorly) started. Completely destroyed my enthusiasm for the build. All that’s been started is the cockpit and some painting on the inside of the fuselage.
  • Trumpeter F8F-2 Bearcat – $45Gorgeous looking model, but the Bearcat just doesn’t do it for me (I like aircraft that did things). Includes SAC metal landing struts.

1/48 Scale

  • Academy Spitfire Mk.XIV – $15Includes copious aftermarket such as prop, exhausts, etc. Was the only game in town until PCM released their 1/32 Mk.XIV. Now that I’ve got the big’un, I don’t see myself building the Academy.
  • Airfix Spitfire Mk.XII – $12By all accounts a great kit. Just lost the fire.
  • Eduard Lavochkin La-7 Profi-Pack – $20What I really want? A 1/32 La-7. Maybe one day.
  • Hobbycraft F8F-2 Bearcat – $10See above about the 1/32 Bearcat and apply it to 1/48.
  • ICM P-51K Mustang – $10A copy of the Tamiya kit that allegedly doesn’t fit as well. I’ve got plenty of other Mustangs.
  • ICM Spitfire Mk.VIII – $10I’ve built Tamiya’s masterful 1/32 Mk.VIII. This one is now superfluous.
  • ICM Spitfire Mk.IX – $15Comes with ground crew and a dog. If I build a IX, it’ll be 1/32.
  • Monogram P-61 Black Widow – $0Old kit in a busted up box. Pay for shipping and it’s yours.
  • Monogram A-10 Warthog – $10Bought with the best of intentions. Oh well.
  • Revell P-47N Thunderbolt – $10I’ve got the Academy 1/48 and Trumpy 1/32 -N kits. No need for three.

1/144 Scale

  • Minicraft PBY-5 Catalina – $7Thought this would be a good idea. Couldn’t work up to a 1/144 aircraft, though.

1/35 Scale Armor

  • Cyber-Hobby Orange Box Panzer III Ausf. E/F – $20Honestly wasn’t that interested in the P.IIIE/F when I bought it.
  • Cyber-Hobby Firefly Vc Orange Box – $20When I build a Firefly Vc, I’m going to hunt down the Tasca kit.
  • Dragon M4 Sherman Composite Hull – PTO – $20 What can I say – I like Tasca’s Shermans better.
  • Zvezda T-34/85 – $15Not a very good kit, but someone with way more patience than me could certainly turn it into something.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick says:

    When I was waffling over 1:48 vs 1:32 a few years ago to begin building my stash. I took a hard look at my 21st Century 1:48 planes and the 1:32 planes.

    Good luck on thinning the herd and on your current and future builds.

    “I like ’em big, I like ’em chunky” – Moto Moto

  2. keith rudzik says:

    Hi Doogs.About your herd thinning.Does the 1/32 109 Emil come with any A/M stuff ? [ the price indicates no, but you do have a propensity f/ such goodies.I’ guilty of the same,so please don’t take that wrong]. The same que. for the Cyberhobby Panzer III.Additionally, which P-3 is it.Ya wouldn’t think so, but Cyberhobby has a few different Panzer 3’s.I guess a 4 digit part # would be nice.Your prices are More than fair,at a loss for you,but that’s the nature of our beast, Huh ? Thanks, keith R.

  3. Anton says:

    Do you still have the cyber hobby Emil for sale?
    Best wishes,

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