Revell PV-1 Ventura Build Log, Pt. 1 – Cockpit + Main Assembly


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You will have to forgive me for this post. I’ve already lost it three times trying to push it live, and my appetite to rewrite what I’ve already written is gone.

So here’s the deal.

Revell is to be commended for this excellent kit. The PV-1 is as well-engineered a kit as I’ve ever touched in 1/48, and a much simpler build than it appears in the box.Detail is decidedly lacking in some areas – the seats, wheels, exhausts, and guns could all use improvement, but these are also small items that will be (and in some cases already are) well-served by the usual aftermarket suspects.

I’ve already succumbed to some aftermarket fever with this build, and will be employing Ultracast wheels, a DMold single-piece bomb door, Lone Star Models exhausts, Vector’s corrected prop set, and Quickboost .50 caliber machine gun barrels. As well as some MV lenses for the underside lights.

Overall, the PV-1 builds up very well, though I’m planning to paint, weather and finish the bomber before main assembly. The engineering is sound enough that I’ll be able to do all that without attaching the wings, tail surfaces, or dorsal turret housing. Since I’m planning on a closed bomb bay, I also left the bay internals out, so I’ll be able to reach in and place the astrodome up through the fuselage when the time is right. How awesome is that?

Intro | PART 1 | Part 2

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  1. PV2 Pilot says:

    The Lockheed Hudson was also developed from a commercial plane, as was the Douglas B-18 from the DC3. The PV1 actually earned its most important place in history on a strategic level, with the missions from the Aleutian Islands to bomb the Japanese Kuril Islands. This small band of volunteers, tided down several divisions of infantry and squadrons of aircraft, plus all the antiaircraft defences, which the Japanese desperately needed elsewhere. All because the PV1s made the Japanese fear a northern invasion. Also, the PV1 could outrun a Zero on the deck!

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