Tamiya Dewoitine D.520 , Pt. 2 – Main Assembly

Intro | Part 1 | PART 2

This might be the shortest build report ever.

The Dewoitine D.520 is a simple kit that goes together without any great fuss, and there’s just not much to write about the trouble-free assembly process.

Pay attention to the alignment, I guess? Don’t lose the little poly cap you’ll need to put in the nose to trap the propeller? Actually, that does remind me of one thing. Trim the prop spinner’s mounting pin by a few millimeters. It feels too long as molded, and it’s not like you really need more than just enough to get trapped in the poly cap.

Other than that be sure to clean up parts and test-fit and all, but mostly, blink. Because this one goes together before you realize it.

Intro | Part 1 | PART 2

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