Interview: Returning to Modeling

Last week I was interviewed by Gerald Voigt – aka Hawkeye – of The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour about the experience of returning to modeling after an extended absence from the hobby. Have a listen below if you’re interested in hearing my awkward ramblings, and be sure to check out Hawkeye’s Squawkbox in the sidebar while you’re at it. Really solid blog with lots of excellent tips and insights!

The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Ep. 36

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  1. Randy Robinson says:

    Matt I just finished listening to the interview, very well done sir. I really enjoy following your blog and have to admit I have learned a lot from it. Gerald is very good people too, I have been dealing with him and his paints for a few years now. Loved his comment about not flying anymore and modeling takes up that decompression time, its one of the reasons I got back into the hobby.

  2. Brian Pedersen says:

    Really enjoyed the interview. And thank you for the tips here on the blog. I’m trying to push myself on my builds and I’ve learned a lot here.

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