On the Bench: Eduard 1/48 Fw 190F-8



I’ve been jumping all over the place regarding which Fw 190 I wanted to build for the Fw 190 Group Build being hosted over on Finescale. Literally, all over the place, from 1/48 to 1/32, from Tamiya to Hobby Boss to Hasegawa to Eduard, from an A-5 to an A-7 to an A-8/R2, F-8 and D-9.

Shortly before the new year, I settled on a 1/48 Tamiya F-8, but that’s quickly gone haywire as the Eduard photo etch for it was a rare mess. So instead of throwing good money after bad on an old kit, I’m switching gears to Eduard’s F-8 kit.

The Eduard kit is far more complete than the old Tamiya boxing, with much finer details (surface rivets, PE fins for various bombs and rockets, etc), but I’ve heard some nasty horror stories about getting it all together. We’ll see I guess!

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  1. Aaron Long says:

    Ooh, that’s going to be fun. I too have heard stories of the fiddly front on these Eduard 190A/Fs, but I’m sure you can handle it! What markings will you be using?

    May I finish the Tamiya 190F for you?


  2. Can’t wait to see some progress. I am much more interested in jet aviation, to be honest, but Würgers are my favorite WW2 fighters and I have Eduard’s A-5 and A-8 in my stash.
    From what I’ve heard, the main fitting problem is if you want to close all the panels. I guess a fair share of dryfitting is ahead of you.

  3. wjbenton says:

    I just finished this kit it was a nightmare! I hope you have better luck then I did.

  4. Scott Atchison says:

    If it’s anything like their D-9, it will look beautiful with everything open. Close up the optional panels and you will have trouble.

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