Sprue Cutters Union #6 – “Not Gonna Happen”


The Combat Workshop recently kicked off an interesting idea called “The Sprue Cutters Union”. Basically, the idea is akin to a group build, only with blog posts instead of builds. Every week, a new topic will be tossed out, and participating blogs will each write their own post on that topic.

This week’s topic:

What models will likely never reach your workbench?

This is really one of those so-easy-it’s-hard questions. When I think about it, there are many types of models that will never come near my bench. And when I really think about it…there are even more.

Civilian Automobiles

The funny thing is that I’m a car nut. Less so now that I’ve got three kids, but I still love cars and still hope to have some old project vehicle at some point once the kids are a bit older. But building models of cars holds absolutely zero interest for me.


On the one hand, many (most?) car kits are just awful. I know there are some real gems out there, but whenever I think car models, I think of the terrible Revell kits that clog what’s left of the modeling aisle at Hobby Lobby.


The other reason is that I see cars as something rather attainable compared to most other modeling subjects. For some reason that just kills the allure of modeling them. They’re too…ordinary.


I love flying, but I hate commercial air travel. Why the hell would I want to build a 767?

Even when it’s crashing it’s boring

Now. I won’t rule out all civilian aircraft. I could see myself taking on something like an old Staggerwing or a battered Alaskan floatplane. Heck…I’d even be open to at least the possibility of a pre-WWII airliner along the lines of a Ford Trimotor or DC-3. But anything modern just makes me want to take a nap.

Figure Busts

I know! Let’s take all the really nasty bits of figure painting, the faces and eyes and such, and just toss out the rest!

Yeah. That’s a big, fat nope.

Honorably Not Mentioned

Sci-fi. Science fiction subjects aren’t really my bag, either, but outside of modelling, I love me some sci-fi, so I wouldn’t rule out tackling one of those Polar Lights Enterprises, a Space Battleship Yamato, or something similar.

In fact, if anybody ever makes a huge kit of Gypsy Danger, I’ll be more or less screwed.


Part of being in the Union means we share links to our fellow contributors’ posts. If you liked this post, take a look what some other modellers have to say about this topic:

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I’d build a car model… it’d just be a pile of rust though. I like terrain 🙂

  2. Aidan says:

    If anyone ever makes a model of Gypsy Danger I will buy it in a heartbeat

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