Sprue Cutters Union #14 – “The Worst”



The Combat Workshop recently kicked off an interesting idea called “The Sprue Cutters Union”. Basically, the idea is akin to a group build, only with blog posts instead of builds. Every week, a new topic will be tossed out, and participating blogs will each write their own post on that topic.

This week’s topic:

What do you think is the worst part of this hobby?

Normally, I’d have a tough time answering this question. I mean…where to start? I love this hobby, but let’s not kid ourselves, there’s a lot to loathe about it, too. Filling seams. Decals gone awry. Rivet counters. The modeler vs. assembler thing that crops up on forums it seems every two or so months. Stupid forum drama. People moaning about how they could buy a [insert kit here] for a nickel when they were a kid.

But no. For me, in this moment, is when you commit to a course and it doesn’t work, leaving you up shit creek without a paddle.


Let me spell out the situation.

I’m currently getting started on Academy’s 1/32 F-16I Sufa kit, which I intend to build as a Greek F-16D Block 50. To spiff up the cockpit a bit, I invested in two Quickboost ejection seats, Quickboost control sticks, and Eduard’s interior set.

The cockpit’s not bad, but I kind of balked at the painting of every switch and knob, so I opted to lean on the Eduard set, which looks gorgeous on the fret.

Applying the PE, of course, meant removing all of the detail from the cockpit’s side consoles and instrument panels. In other words, committing 100%. No going back. No backup plan.

So I committed.

Then I applied the PE. And the result was complete suckage. What looked gorgeous on the fret looked flat and weird and fake on the kit.

I hated the prequels, but this seems apropos.

At this point, I was committed, and I’d been screwed over by the PE. With no going back, and no backup plan, I planned to box the kit and go through the hell of trying to obtain replacement parts to start over with.

Fortunately, I had it brought to my attention that Wolfpack does, in fact, make a resin cockpit set.

So a last-minute reprieve, albeit for a price.

Still…that sensation of “I’ve just ruined a $120 kit and have no way out of it” is a sickening one, and one of the things that totally eats me up about resin and photo etch. To use the vast majority of it, you have to mangle the kit in ways that you simply CANNOT recover from if things go wrong.

So yeah, at the moment, that’s the worst thing about this hobby. The roll of the dice that you have to take with so much aftermarket…especially when the dice fall off the table and get eaten by the dog.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Money is just money all your sacrificing is time every balls up can be fixed with time ( your comment “especially when the dice falls off the table and gets eaten by the dog”. my analogy would be that you have to follow the dog round for a few days and then wash the dice )

  2. keith rudzik says:

    Doog’s, you are so talented. My Pshcy. College classes remnents say you should re-focus, take a break from planes & do some more armor. Just a thought. Keith R.

  3. craftpainter says:

    Still looks about a billion better than anything I have managed.

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