Sprue Cutters Union #22 – The Stash

The Combat Workshop‘s “Sprue Cutters Union” is akin to a group build, only with blog posts instead of builds. Every week, a new topic will be tossed out, and participating blogs will each write their own post on that topic.

This week’s topic:

I’ll show you my stash if you show me yours…

Ah, yes, the stash. The mark of (just about) any modeler with more money and imagination than time.

At the moment, my stash is in a bit of a transition, as I’m offloading the vast majority of my 1/48 kits and even a few 1/32 subjects that I just know deep down I will never build.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from snagging more kits! So…on to the stash.

We’ll start in the garage, around the bench. When I set up Bench Mk.II about two years ago, I recycled some Elfa shelving hardware to accomodate the stash.

Garage Stash Alpha

Garage Stash Alpha lives above my “Assembly Bench”, which, most of the time, is actually my “Cluttered with Crap and Unusable Bench”. This is generally reserved for smaller 1/32 kits – as you can see by the Wingnut and 109 boxes. The Hasegawas, being a bit bigger, get shoved on top.

Garage Station Bravo

Station Bravo is located high above and off to one side of my paint bench. It’s actually really a pain in the ass to get to, and generally entails precarious balance on a chair and hoping I don’t bash my head on the garage door track or accidentally knock my fluorescent light off its hooks and send it crashing onto the bench.

This may explain why I don’t build more armor.

Garage Station Charlie

Garage Station Charlie is mostly dedicated to larger kits – or at least larger boxes. Several Tamiy and Trumpeter kits reside here. And way, way up at the top, you’ll find the small collection of 1/48 kits I’m keeping around.

There are more kits in the garage, squirreled away in various nooks, but there’s no way of really recording them all without this post becoming crazy-ridiculous. So let’s move on to the Stash Annex, located in what we call the computer room, even though there is no longer a computer in it.

Stash Annex

The Stash Annex is generally populated by larger kits that don’t really have a place in the garage – for instance my HK B-25, most of my modern jet kits, Trumpeter’s Mi-24 Hind and 1/24 Bf 109G-10, and so on. And yes. These are on top of my display cabinets. I really should probably do something about that.

And the Rest

Not pictured here is my collection of aftermarket…stuff. Decals and resin and photo etch. This is because it’s all scattered. A lot of PE and resin resides with the applicable kits. Decals are generally separated and kept together in a little file box thing. There’s nothing particularly photo-worthy with either of these. But…they’re around.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Roy says:

    Every man must know his limitations …….Clint Eastwood

  2. Vance says:

    My stash is mostly 1/72 aircraft, maybe 20 of the nearly 100 are 1/48. My last inventory… I snapped a photo of the various boxtops & went the photo montage route. (just us modelers in here, right??)

  3. Albert OConnor says:

    That’s a lot of models dude. Um, aren’t you afraid of models melting/warping in the heat while in your garage during Summers?

  4. Shayne says:

    I like the idea of more than one stash, makes it look smaller than what it is…..

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