So Many Choices…

With the F-16 transitioning to the Shelf of Doom, I’ve got some slack space on the bench.

So what should I tackle next? I’m torn between a stupid number of possibilities…so I’m opening it up to public opinion to help me narrow my focus.

Meng Leopard 1A3/4

I very much prefer the lines of the older Leopard 1 to the new, super-slopey Leopard 2. And this new kit from Meng is definitely hot off the presses.

Trumpeter MiG-23MLD Flogger-K

The Flogger isn’t my favorite aircraft, but it’s said to be a very good kit, and would be a great canvas for camoflage and weathering.

Wingnut Wings AMC DH.9

Wingnut’s Christmas surprise! I’m absolutely smitten by the Lobster and Hellenic schemes.

Trumpeter AD-4 Skyraider

The Sea Blue Able Dog! This one would be built with the wings folded and packing a ton of HVAR rockets.

Trumpeter A-1H Skyraider

The later-model A-1H Skyraider. Like the AD-4, it’s a gorgeous looking kit, with a MUCH better decal sheet. I normally avoid kit markings, but the sharkmouthed USAF “Sandy” is a must-do. This one would be built wings out, loaded down with ordnance.

Meng T-90A

This kit looks like a piece of art, and I dig the T-90 for not looking like some variant of the Abrams.

Meng FT Light Tank

One of the most influential tanks in history, the FT more or less informed all future tank design with the turret-mounted main armament. When I build this one, it will be as a US FT in Patton’s 304th Light Tank Brigade.

Wingnut Wings Sopwith Pup

I’ve already built Wingnut’s wonderful little Pup. This time around, I’d be fitting one out as a night trainer.

So, which one wins out? Vote above!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Vivian Watts says:

    Where’s the Tamiya P-51?

    1. Doogs says:

      I’m feeling like era-hopping at the moment, hence the decided lack of WWII things…

  2. ARMAND ST. PIERRE says:

    Build the A1-H first.

  3. naomi burr says:

    A1D AD-4 Navy

  4. ted upcott says:

    FT-17; WWI armour, a whole new category.

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