48 Scale Modeling Pages Worth Following on Facebook


I dropped out of modeling around 1995, just as the internet was starting to become a thing. So when I came back in 2010, I was blown away by the sheer amount of scale modeling stuff that was out there on everyone’s favorite series of tubes.

My other interests – photography and music, cars and books and movies – had all moved online in increments, but for me, modeling was removed from that evolution. Seeing how well it acclimated to the internet, and how much I gained from all the various tips shared, is a big part of why I started this blog in the first place. To do my bit.

Lately, something similar’s been happening with Facebook. There are hundreds – probably thousands – of excellent modeling pages worth following, but finding them in the first place can be a bit hit or miss. So I figured I’d put the question to those of you who follow Doogs’ Models – what other modeling pages do you follow on Facebook?

Combined with some suggestions of my own, the following is a list of scale modeling pages worth your time. Of course, it’s almost certain that I’ve missed a ton of great pages, so leave a comment here or on the Facebook page if I’ve overlooked something.


Forums, Groups and Clubs





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  1. Kj4ta says:

    Thanks for this! 🙂

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