Double Trouble!



A few days ago, I thought I had my upcoming build lineup pretty well set.

Then I stopped by King’s Hobby yesterday, and they had this in stock…

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Well…hell. The Intruder is one of my favorite aircraft, and the Hobby Boss representations are the bees’ knees.

The only thing that has kept Hobby Boss’ A-6A Intruder off my bench so far is the lack of aftermarket GRU-5 ejection seats. The A-6E? It packed GRU-7 seats, which are widely available from Aires, True Details, Wolfpack and so on.

The question quickly became…F-4B Phantom II, or A-6E Intruder. I was so torn that I actually created a poll. But, as Jon Bybee of The Combat Workshop put it:

“Based on the poll results so far it doesn’t look like we’ll be much help in your decision!”

No joke! After more than 100 votes, the two builds are essentially tied at 50/50.


This reflects almost exactly my torn state of mind. I want to build the F-4. I also – very badly – want to build the Intruder.

So I’m embracing the simple solution of building both!

Stay tuned…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. keith rudzik says:

    Phantom, all the way.Especially if you could mount it with some airbrushed black cotton balls stretched out to show it pouring out tons of black smoke so iconic of the bird when the afterburners lit. keith R.

  2. rcflyerguy101 says:

    F4 first..I’ve been wanting that kit so I’m anxious to see how it turns out.

  3. Mike Schreiweis says:

    Build’em Both!

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