en·er·va·tion: a feeling of being drained of energy or vitality; fatigue

For the past few weeks, I just haven’t been feeling…”it”. I don’t even know what to call “it”. The desire to blog, or to post to the Facebook page. Even to participate in the few forums I participate in. Something has been lacking.

Maybe it’s the combination of a busy few weeks at work, the stresses of summertime and no school and three kids, and the encroaching summer heat. Maybe it’s the kits I’m working on. Hell, maybe it’s for no reason at all.

But whatever is – or isn’t – causing “it”, there you go. I’m not shutting things down. Not by any means. But my production will likely be at a lower level here for the next few weeks. Of course – I say that now, which no doubt means I will end up pushing out five blog posts over the next week!

Outside of not posting, here’s a quick update on the state of the bench and my way-too-many WIPs.

  • Freedom Models X-47B – Stalled out waiting for some last bits of paint and then gloss coat. Honestly, the slightly rough texture of the plastic, which has persisted through the paint, has killed a lot of my enthusiasm for the build, since I just know I’m going to get to enjoy decals silvering left and right now.
  • Eduard/Academy F-4B Phantom II – Stalled out waiting for some XMM seamless intakes, which I want to test out since I’m not entirely happy with Alley Cat’s (fit is not as good as advertised). Good news is that the XMM intakes came today. Bad news is that I feel like I’ve lost the thread on this one for now.
  • Hobby Boss A-6E Intruder – Also stalled waiting on XMM intakes. Which also came today. Look for this one to revive again soon.
  • Trumpeter LAV-AT – Still a’building.
  • Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair – Cockpit is getting close to being finished.
  • Mystery Jet Project – On top of all of these damn builds, I’ve got another going on. More a combination of a fortuitous decal sheet find and the desire for a quick and fun jet build. Nearly done with the cockpit and about to start on the intakes and exhaust.


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  1. kermitsbench says:

    Very recognisable. In fact i always thought you were one of the more “block-less” modellers. But we all go through shorter or longer phases of having less model mojo going. Personally i suffer from having phases alot. I can model intensively for months before totally burning down and putting my energy in other interests completely. But i always come back from it

  2. stever says:

    Yawn, yeah?…OK what-ever; just feeling your “pain”. I’m gonna get back to the bench soon—huh, yep soon….yawn.

    ps yer not alone brother; It’ll get better…..I think……..LOL

  3. Halvar von Flake says:

    Know what you talk about! My longest phase away from making models was +10 years.

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