Bench, Interrupted

Eagle-eyed readers may note that it has been over a month since my last post.

Lamentably, yes.

Life over the past six weeks has been…full. Some things have had to fall by the wayside. Between the time crush and a general sense of malaise with the “non-modeling” aspects of modeling, the blog has definitely been back-burnered.

I’m hoping to change that soon…but before I do I want to think through a bit where I want to take things. My usual build posts are, to me at least, growing a bit. stale. Construction and priming and so on is generally repetitive. For me to write and, I’m guessing, for you to read. So…I’m considering a shakeup that would focus more on technique, or on the unique aspects of a build. 

Long story short, excuse the inactivity. It’s temporary. And the usual order of things might be getting an upending soon.

9 thoughts on “Bench, Interrupted

  1. Looking forward to you firing the blog back up. As a fellow Austin modeler, I look forward to your posts as much as a new offering at Torchy’s. Shake it off Doogs!

  2. Take your time, Doogs. Your blog is one of the few I read (stale stuff or no), so if you want to spice things up, by all means, do so!

  3. Jeez….been wondering at the lack of updates.
    I need some inspiration. Busy with Academy F4 sundowners kit and just stuck in a funk.
    Might be off season tuna blues though. Check here, am I the only one who seems to wallow in tubes of filler?
    Each and every bloody hole and seam scream at me….and this kit doesn’t have that many.
    Dunno hey…..maybe I’m just trying too hard.
    Anyway, look forward to seeing what you post!

    • Andrew – I think that Academy F-4 might have something to do with it! I found that kit dragging me down as well, and had to put it aside.

  4. Nothing like a family vacation to recharge your batteries and get your mind right to resume creating. Would love to see a more in depth treatment of some of your techniques. Maybe some video?

  5. Doog, love the how to’s and I hope you’re leaning towards more of em as a change of pace. Ad to the funk, no worries. We’ll always leave the light on for ya. 🙂

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