My Own Worst Enemy



When it comes to modeling, I am my own worst enemy.

This is something I’ve known – at least subconsciously – for a long time. I’m the reason I abandon so many builds, and dawdle along with others. I’m the reason I get into the weeds with a tiny piece of a far larger project to the point that it burns me out. I’m the one that cuts corners to my later chagrin. I’m the one that turns the intended light, fun projects into long, slogging builds.

I realized this anew the other day as I was working on Trumpeter’s LAV-AT. It was picked up with the intention of being a breather between other, far more intensive armor builds. It’s a decent kit, but held back from being good due to some soft detail and laziness on Trumpeter’s part.

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I told myself not to worry about it going in. Just build through it. Have fun, try out some new techniques, and come out the other side refreshed.

So what did I do? Focus on those little things. Get bogged down. Get frustrated. Maybe I should add this, or fix that, or redo this.

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Then a few days ago, I realized what I was doing. I’m so close. I’m almost done with the LAV-AT. It’s time to stop obsessing. Put my head down and FINISH. IT.

So that’s my goal. Finish off the LAV-AT by the end of the month and move the hell on. I’ve spent too much time this past year hobbling myself and my builds, and it’s been a killer to my output. Some builds demand maximum effort, sure. But others, it’s okay for them to be good enough.

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Are you your own worst enemy, too?

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  1. Mike Wood says:

    My problem is, I get to a stage in a build where I have to do something I’m not keen on, like removing seams or masking, something time consuming or dull and then think of any excuse not to do it. There’s not enough time left in the day to do it justice, the washrooms need cleaning, hell, I even built a deck at the back of the house to avoid dealing with the seams on the drop tanks of the Italeri F-104 I’m currently building. The model then founders for a while untill I take the bull by the horns and crack on. But this is when corners get cut and that ‘good enough’ attitude kicks in as you rush to get the thing off the bench.

  2. rcflyerguy101 says:

    I enjoy every aspect so far. My biggest issue is I beat myself up comparing my work to those I envy over online. It almost ruined me at one point but I got through it and the enjoyment is back. Rather than envy now it’s more admiration and incentive to learn and grow.

  3. David Bruner says:

    I fall into the same category as Mike. I avoid doing the things I don’t like doing. Even worse, I avoid and procrastinate on the things I am scared to do for fear of messing up my model. I have to get to a point where I realize that a mode, but with mistakes, is better than a model that never gets finished.

  4. Jeroen says:

    I think you just described a huge part of the modelling community. Why do we beat ourselves up over something we do for fun?

  5. Joe Osborne says:

    I just did the same thing! I picked up Tamiya’s M2 Bradley as an interim build between some big 32nd scale aircraft I’m working on. Gonna build it OOB, Yup. Then I started reading reviews and forums…….. What about the non-skid surface? Yup…had to do research and try that with AK’s anti skid paste…. then Barrel Depot has the 25mm Bushmaster… sure why not! Then I just said .. STOP… removed the anti skid paste… it didn’t look right to scale anyway… and then just went back to an OOB build…and will paint it ODS colors with some weathering and be done with it. Own worst enemy…
    New mantra…. Just have fun!

  6. Tank flyer says:

    Wow Doog and you guys are just like me! Gee I’m not so weird after all….well just a touch, perhaps.
    Now I know there are others doing what I do, I can now go back to the bench and rethink that last detail……but then, if I could just trim…..

  7. Aaron Albert says:

    I haven’t assembled a model in years. However, I am an avid miniatures war gamer and I have a HUGE problem with perfectionism. I “see” how the models should turn out, but get frustrated when I can’t make it happen.

  8. chris says:

    That literally could have been me talking… I see myself in those words FAR too clearly.. :/

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