5 Years & 10,000 Likes



Earlier today, the Doogs’ Models Facebook page cracked 10,000 likes.

Holy crap.

When I started on this venture five years ago, I had no inkling it would attract the kind of following it has. My sincere thanks to all who read and follow and comment – this blog would literally not be what it is without your participation.

Once Upon a Time

Five years ago, I started this blog on a whim. Work was a bit slow, and with the economy in the toilet in late 2010, clients were hesitant to take chances on, well, anything. So I figured I would practice what I preached and see if I could make something out of (hopefully) useful and compelling content. And…it was a small way for me to give back to the online modeling community that really helped me find my feet and then some when I came back to the hobby.

I soon added the Facebook page for similar reasons…and it’s been a pleasure to watch both grow over time into what they are today.

Top Ten Posts

As a bit of a retrospective, I thought it’d be fun to revisit the blog’s all-time top ten posts:

10 – P-51B Build Report 1: Initial Inspection and Cockpit Assembly – A very oldie, the first kit I built when I came back to the hobby, and actually a repost from my old and now discarded personal blog. It has pulled down just shy of 7,700 views over the five years it’s been up.

9 – Photo Studio Upgrade – My upgrade from posterboard to a light tent to a full-on photography light table caught a lot of interest out of the gate and has racked up nearly 7,900 views.

8 – 1/32 HK Models B-25J Mitchell Part IV – Finish Out – The final stretch of the big B-25 build has garnered quite a lot of interest over the last three years, to the tune of 7,978 views.

7 – Tamiya P-51D Mustang Build Report 2: Natural Metal Finish – Natural metal finish always attracts a lot of attention (in this case just shy of 8,000 views), I think because it freaks people out so much. Strangely, this is I think the last fully metal finish I’ve done…I may have to rectify that.

6 – P-47 Razorback Double Build Part 3 – Painting – This is a real blast from the past, the double-build of the Tamiya and Revellogram Jugs. I’m guessing the unique bare metal elements of Magic Carpet have something to do with the 8,200 views.

5 – Thoughts on Tamiya’s New 1/32 Mosquito FB.VI – New Tamiya kits always generate a lot of interest…and I’ve found it fun and informative to offer up my own thoughts whenever the next 1/32 uber-kit is announced. The Mossie really attracted attention, with 9,500 views

4 – 1/32 HK Models B-25J Mitchell Part I – Assembly – At around 10,200 views, the big B-25’s assembly has proven my most popular build log to date.

3 – Technique – Black Basing – I’ve been happy to see this technique catching on more and more recently…I’m planning at some point to do an updated version of the tutorial with a better subject than an abandoned drone build. 10,570 views all told.

2 – Wingscale Announcement – A Sad Day for Audacity – This older post has managed to rack up 11,300 views over time, even though it does seem quaint now that HK Models has emerged from the carnage and given us several very good kits.

1 – The Problem with Panel Line Shading – Clocking in at more than 14,000 views in just over a month, well, this one struck a chord and inspired a ton of discussion.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Congrats! Wish I’d be able to rich such masses 🙂

  2. Tim Wilding says:

    Nice job. I remember your early days on Fine Scale Modeler forums and followed you here. Also enjoyed some of our political discussions on your facebook page. I am in the process of doing the Black Basing for the first time on an Dragon M4 DV.
    Keep up the thoughtful work.

  3. Ted Briscoe says:

    Congratulations! Now if you were into stats you might breakdown all comments by likes vs. don’t likes or positive vs. negative feedback. But doing that sounds more like a damn job and might tarnish your achievements. But on another note………in your opinion, do you think that it would be possible to create HK’s 1/32 B-25 into an earlier “B” version. The turrets would have to be relocated, tail gun modified, cowls redone and observation windows added and ………… In the past I’ve done research for the Accurate Miniatures Doolittle Raider kit (thanks to Bill Bosworth) and Fugarti’s poor attempt so I know what a “B” should look like, but with this kit, do you think it’s possible?

  4. ted upcott says:

    Congratulations! (must be an echo on the net this morning). I first saw you at the FSM Forum (sorry that you are no longer there). I’m now a subscriber to your posts, truly enjoying your comments and in awe of your builds. Thank you. Live long and prosper.

  5. pmoosh says:

    Congrats – well deserved

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