Bench Video: Finding a Rig


Let’s talk about video.

If there’s one request I get more than any other, it’s for more video content. And I always dodge, because, well, video is pretty work-intensive.

Photos by comparison are easy. Stupid easy if I’m just shooting bench progress shots with the phone. Still pretty easy if I’m doing photo table shots with the Nikon. Just fire up the lights, turn on the camera and go. Ingesting, editing and publishing is a breeze thanks to Adobe Lightroom and Smugmug.

Video, though. Man. There’s formats to deal with. There’s the huge file sizes. There’s editing. Uploading takes forever and a day. A while back I was working on a title animation, but I’m not entirely happy with it and finding the time to slog around in After Effects makes me tired just thinking about it.

I mean…needs new/more diverse images. Needs the music levels tweaked badly. Ugh.

But on top of that…there’s the issue of capturing video. To date, I’ve been stuck with a really janky snake-arm type thing for my phone, and two things about that. First, it’s janky and a nightmare to position. Second, until very recently I haven’t had a phone that could really do video very well (the second gen Moto X was not particularly strong in the image sensor department).

I mean…

Now that I’m rocking a Nexus 6P, video quality is better, but I’m lacking a good mount of the kind I’d like to do proper bench video. So I’m stuck to a kind of “here’s what I did” format. And that sucks.

So my mission for the next month or so – to install a workable video rig. One that can work with a variety of cameras, to boot. I mean…I’ve got the Nexus, but I’ve also got my Canon S120 that can do pretty good video, AND I’ve got a GoPro that’s been, honestly, just gathering dust for some time.

Plans for a Rig

So here’s the plan. I’ve ordered an articulating microphone boom arm…kinda looks like a desk lamp arm, and it more or less is.


So the plan is to mount this bad boy up, pair it with a 1/4″ adapter (since it has the standard 5/8″ microphone mount sizing), then install a tripod ball mount. The ball mount can then hold, well, whatever it needs to. And it’s ready to go – seen here with the GoPro mounted to it.

When that’s all said and done, I’ll be able to at least record proper overhead, bench progress videos, and even timelapses for shits and giggles. Stuff like this video, but without the janky snake arm and the fear of the phone just falling out of it.

Then I’ll just have to overcome the time suck of editing (and my tendency to sound like a total goober on camera). So…stay tuned…kinda.

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  1. DarrenH says:

    Painting road wheels by hand is the most laborious task in history that is why people use circle templates.
    What takes 1.5 minutes per wheel can be done in 15 seconds.
    If you are endeavouring to find the hsrdest way to do it you just did.
    Circle template for me anyway and it has nothing to do with accuracy it’s simply ten times easier and 6 times faster.

  2. Chip Painter says:

    WoW soon we will get the rants in color and with life like sound- it cant get any better than that. lol 😉

    kidding ya know.

  3. Weimei says:

    Painting road wheels by hand? I thought that trend died a long time ago. Circle templates are just so much faster and easier to do.

  4. Cassandra Branch says:

    In my opinion, video isn’t the way to go in an educational or blog site. I can skim an article in seconds, and clip out the really good parts for later reference: “Let’s see, what kind of glue does Doog use?” A video takes an uninterrupted 20 minutes every time I might want to review a certain technique I found useful on your site.

    Theoretically I guess it’s possible to edit out little snippets from a video, but I don’t own the software and the process is far more complex than doing a text copy. Of course, it’s also true that I’m so old I can remember operational B-29’s, B-36’s & P-51’s at the local air base, and DC-3’s at the airport.

    You probably won’t believe it, but it used to be fun to fly.

    I also paint wheels by hand. Now THAT’s really old.

    1. Doogs says:

      I totally understand – I think video is too frequently shoehorned where it doesn’t need to be, and frequently isn’t audience-friendly. I’m going for it more as a complement/supplement. I can write all day about certain techniques or whatnot, but I think it really helps to actually see them in practice.

  5. pmoosh says:

    You totally should have used a drone 🙂

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