Test Drive: Mr. Paint


Recently, I was testing out a few new metallics, trying to sort out what exactly I want to use on the F-104. In that test, I came away rather impressed with Mr. Paint’s Super Fine Silver. This little revelation stirred conversation about the brand itself, how it paints etc…especially since many people have never heard of them.

So I thought…what the hell…this would make a good test of not only the paint, but the new video rig. Have a gander:

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  1. ted upcott says:

    Thank you for this. For a first video & a test drive, you did very well. I hope you’ll do more of these. You did not mention if it was an enamel or not. Please let us know.

    1. Doogs says:

      It’s definitely not enamel. While the bottle says acrylic, it behaves very much like a lacquer (or a lacquer-like acrylic like Tamiya). I’ve also heard it can be mixed with Tamiya and Gunze and thinned with lacquer thinner…so whatever we call it, that’s the space it plays in.

  2. Ian says:

    Hi Matt,

    Great video! Glad you like Mr Paint. I’ve been using them all year and have steadily built up a collection of RAF, USAAF, USN and other assorted colours. For me as a relative newcomer or returnee to the hobby, it removes that dark art of thinning/paint ratios. I love the fact it’s a pre-thinned paint ready to go! It makes a novice like me look good!!

    Can’t believe this paint doesn’t get more recognition in the hobby but with a bit of luck hopefully more people will try them and maybe some distributors will take them on.

    Oh, and if anyone is wondering they clean up with regular lacquer thinners from a diy store. You will need a mask with these paints but the finish is worth it!!

    All the best and thanks again,


  3. Ran says:

    Thank you very much for this review. Russian Cockpit Green is a tricky one.
    You mentioned you are using a Grex and an Iwata and your different experience and use for them. How about sharing some of that experience. I’m using a Grex side feed and I’m not sure if the performance I’m getting out of it is really just me being a novice or it has it’s own limitation.


    1. Doogs says:

      Maybe I’ll do a video soon about my different airbrushes and what I like/dislike about each

  4. Adrian says:

    Nice video. I like how it went on that paint. Hope soon we can get that in the states but it will be awhile before we see it.

  5. Gus says:

    Great review Doogs. I wish I’d known about the Russian Cockpit Turquoise before I started my Mig-23. I tried my own mix of Tamiya colours there and it’s far too blue. The coverage looks excellent and it was very informative just to see how you lay down your ‘marbling’ on top of the black base. It definitely is a case of less is more. I’ve just tried the technique for the first time and have definitely been a bit too heavy-handed I think, so great to see your technique ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. Being European I’ll definitely be having a look at their website.

  6. Doug says:

    I really appreciate you taking the time to make a video set up. Although it is not the purpose of this video, it really helps to be able to see some of your techniques like black basing in action rather than in just words.

  7. Doogs. Very interesting video – I’ve gone hunting them to try (not always easy in New Zealand).

    Regarding the video. Keep going but watch the focus – a lot of the video was OOF. And hand-held can be very difficult. I offer these bits of constructive criticism up as I have an interest in videography. Hope you don’t ban me – I really enjoy your site!

    1. Doogs says:

      Were we watching the same video? This one’s not handheld (GoPro on an articulated arm) and the focus to me looks about as good as it can be. Are you maybe watching at a lower resolution setting?

      1. coppinger says:

        Nope, we weren’t. I was watching ‘Adventures with Metallics’. Still very interesting but definitely not the much nicer video above. My bad!!!

      2. Doogs says:

        Ah…yeah that makes more sense! Shot that before I had the rig up and ready

  8. Bill W says:

    Great review Doogs,,,,, Thanks for all the useful info.

  9. John says:

    Matt, these paints ARE available in da USofA!

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Doogs says:

      Yep – when I recorded this they weren’t. Happily that has changed!

      1. John says:

        Ahh ok! I haven’t bit the bullet yet and picked any up. Quite happy with my Tamiya acrylics that I have plenty of. Once I get short on something, I’ll probably order a couple of jars. Weird, isn’t it? I think all of us, no matter how happy we are with stuff that we know to work, we’re always wanting to try different shit….just to mess with ourselves…..lol
        Thanks again!

  10. Reuben Hernandez says:

    Great review on a great paint. Recently returned to the hobby and I’m currently building my first kit (Revell’s Bf.109G-10). I used the black basing technique for the first time and used your suggestions and for the first go around I think it looks very convincing and its a method I will use from now on.

    I’m also using for the first time is Mr. Paint. Using RLM 76 Light Blue as an overall scheme of the plane (night fighter). My question is have you used Mr. Paints Matte Clear or Super Gloss clear coats? If so do these have to be thinned? How well do they worked compared to other clear coats such as Tamiya’s, AK’s, Mig’s. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

    San Antonio

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