Review: 1/32 Italeri Mirage IIIC



Italeri’s big Mirage IIIC has been one of the most anticipated kits of 2015, so when I got my hands on one, I quickly whipped up a review for Large Scale Modeller. You can read the full thing HERE.

I also took some time to put together a video version of the review, for those so inclined.

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  1. Michael Satin says:

    Nice Doogie! Really looking forward to this one as the Six Day War was a very hot topic in my home when I was growing up, and the Mirage was the star. Never thought I’d see one in 1/32 (I grabbed several Eduard 1/48 kits when they were released) so I’m really happy about this. I even managed to snag what may be the last Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-21 F-13 on the market to go with it! (Love those Osprey Duel books.) This one is a “bench clearer” for me, so when I get my hands on it, I’ll be starting at once and hopefully posting my work on AeroScale. Anyway, nice review(s) Doog, thanks!


  2. Hans Wilms says:

    Nice review as always… I like the way you go about them.
    Typically Italeri, but what can we expect. Tamiya leads the pack in crispy detail, but the higher injection pressure and higher grade PS they use require much more expensive molds and for that we pay a price! And it limits their choice to models they know will sell in large numbers…
    This kit is very, very high on my list just the same. And highly recommended period, since for now it doesn’t get to look any better than this. Even with the flaws it has…, biggest issue being the main landing gear strut. What they gave us is the E and V version. On those the strut is angled forward during retraction by a cylinder, on the C this is done by a bar running from the strut to the outer forward angle of the wheel well. There is a superb walk-around photo shoot of the IIIC on IPMS France that shows this particular geometry in great detail.
    The kit will not be suitable for a IIIE nor the Kfir. The E version isn’t simply a C with an ATAR 9c stuck in the back, the position of the cockpit in relation to the air intakes is different! Forget about the Kfir all together. That airplane was designed around the J79 engine (F-4, F-104) and has a much bulkier aft fuselage and slightly larger intakes. It may look like a Mirage V at first sight, but is a totally different animal with zero part commonality. I built 2 based on the old Revell Mirage V kit of which I used maybe 50% of the parts, which is still your best bet if you want a 1/32 scale Kfir.
    However, this latest Italeri release will one day feature is my display twofold, both in IAF markings.

  3. Richard Prokopchuk says:

    I’ve heard there are issues with the canopies being cracked, broken and other issues. Have you heard of or experienced this?

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