2015 – The Year in Review

In the past, I’ve typically done this year in review thing as a blog post. But this year, in a nod to finally starting to get video production up and running, I decided to tackle it as, well, a video.


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  1. will2003 says:

    Doogs, I enjoy your blogs/videos, but I’m shelving them. Really don’t have to use foul language to express yourself. I’m sure the magazine editors you have submissions in aren’t allowing it, and I can tell you are articulate enough not to need it either.

    1. willpattison says:

      seriously. shut the fuck up with your whining about profanity. nobody cares. doog’s level of articulation – which is very high – isn’t the issue. it’s your inability to keep from letting little words on a computer screen send you into such a frenzy that you feel the need to unload your self-righteous presumptions on the rest of us.

  2. Jim Mac says:

    Thank you for your comments to Kitty Hawk and Eduard, re. Hellfires, rotors, and general oversights. They needed to hear that.

    In 2016 I hope the kit and after-market folks will begin to expand their product lines with more state-of-the-art 1/32 scale models and parts. We as modelers need to do our part though. Perhaps through videos, like yours, blog campaigns, simple e-mail bitches, etc. we can persuade them to get on the 1/32 update stick.

    1. Doogs says:

      They’re getting better-ish. At least in terms of WWII aircraft, 1/32 support is pretty much there. Jets still get the shaft though. The Intruder is a great example IMO. In 1/48, I’m pretty confident you can build a kit of every A-6 ever in active service. At least 50% of them. It’s one of the few subjects where it’s pretty easy to find Desert Storm markings.

      In 1/32, you have the AoA sheet for the A-6E. Which is very good, but limited to just four birds. I think Zotz made something, but it was just a redo/fix of the kit’s flawed markings. But IMO if you put a colorful tail on a low-viz A-6E you’re doing it wrong. Save that shit for the high-viz tadpoles.

  3. Mike Lowe says:

    Enjoyed this, a good way to complete the year, i’m ok with the colourful language it is in context, nice to see you doing something small like the Seaking, and i will continue to be amazed at your work……

    Keep it up…

  4. I enjoyed that, simple, to the point. All your successes, failures, and philosophies throughout the year, from you and not filtered through someone else
    The format is great too, with the nicely chosen pics of the subjects you are modelling. I felt like I was chatting to you at a model show or your local shop. Keep it up Matte. All the best for a Merry and safe Xmas and New Year

  5. Ted Briscoe says:

    Great video and you don’t have to be Cecil B. DeMille to complete one…just offer an interesting subject with insightful comments and Pow, Zing, Holy Crap!! Sorry, almost used more colorful language there for a moment. Looking forward to the Kingfisher project as the PTO is my only interest. It’s a shame that most of us have to enjoy our hobby in a damn garage isn’t it. Kind of takes the “luster” off of…..but a divorce is a lot more expensive.

  6. BadLlama says:

    Great video Matt it really hit home to me that I have been getting myself into the same I want to say rutt but it’s not a rutt, like you said your modelling focus changes for what ever reason, life, family, work or fact that the kit is arse and your desire to complete it evaporates. I really like your honesty with your blog and videos its refreshing and if anyone’s saying you shouldn’t swear then fuckem, at least your being yourself, being an ex naval rating myself there is always a time and a place for profanity. I look forward to seeing more of your builds, magazine articles, insites/tech tips and blogs in 2016.


    Steve R

  7. Howard Kilburn says:

    Great post Doogs….keep the video blogs going and all the best for Christmas.

  8. Hey,
    About Hellfires, this Polish company make nice collection of armaments for aircraft, including: http://www.armahobby.com/agm-114-hellfire-w-launch-rails-8pcs-3506.html

    I’m not affiliated with them in any way.

    1. Doogs says:

      I actually looked at those (they didn’t have them in 1/48 when I was building the Viper), and apparently they don’t have clear seeker heads either.

  9. Great job on the year in review. It is an awkward feeling to talk to yourself. My model building chugged along this year. I started the Tamiya Gama Goat Ambulance in June and still haven’t finished it. Life keeps getting in the way.

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