Haters Gonna Hate

When I started this blog as a side project/sandbox/way to give back nearly six years ago (holy shit does time fly!), I could not have guessed that it would reach the heights it has. What started as a place for me to ramble mostly to myself has grown into a blog that racks up around 55,000 views a month. My Facebook page crossed the 11,000 follower mark a few weeks back.

It’s been awesome and unexpected and highly educational and, for the most part, extremely rewarding. It’s fun to help people get a handle on a technique, or walk them through the trials and tribulations of a build, or get them to shake up their own thinking a bit.

But when you happen to have a relatively large presence, and the temerity to have opinions about things, you inevitably attract haters. It just goes with the territory. I’ve seen it happen with modelers far more prominent and prolific than I. I’ve seen it happen with the Scale Modelers Critique Group that I help admin. It just…is.Mostly, I look on with bemusement. The slings and arrows generally have the quality of a 10-year-old who just discovered the word “bitch”. Like this gem from earlier today:


That’s the best you can do, Dan? Random insult generators on the internet can throw deeper digs. Like this one – http://www.insultgenerator.org/ – which threw out:


Shitfalcon. Nice.

Or how about this…uh…whatever it is. It’s from a Facebook page that tries to mock SMCG, but mostly just fails.


I think this is supposed to be one of their “let’s make fun of Texas” efforts. Too bad the chihuahua is a Mexican breed (labs are the most popular breed in Texas) and plenty of people in Texas despise Ted Cruz. I guess the real hilarity is that somebody actually put effort into such a, ahem, shitty image.

Anyway. Every now and then, a comment piques my interest. Sometimes it’s an appreciation of the cleverness. Sometimes it’s noticing something random, like an IP address changing names…



And then trying to make fun of my name (yawn, heard it all before)…


And then changing names again (and sadly losing some of the earlier snap)…


Now. Part of me loves a good mystery. Who was this and did they really think switching up names was somehow clever? IP addresses are what they are.

Sadly it wasn’t a very good mystery. Like, ten minutes of junior high level sleuthing, fifteen tops. I’ve been 99% certain who’s behind Rusty/joe/cronbrau for a few months.

Mystery solved, I was going to leave it at that and just stop approving comments from that IP address.

But last night, “Rusty” stepped out of his troll closet.


Kudos to Adam for having the courage to step forward and put his name behind his posts!

But…here’s the thing. In the span of literally 15 minutes, we go from:

“This is a new low…wanker”


“it’s a good way to spread knowledge and test engineering”

What’s that stupid business phrase? Oh yeah – I’m seeing some daylight between those ideas, Adam.

Look. Talk shit about me, fine. Engage in actual reasonable conversation, even better! I can ignore, chuckle at or delete the first and I always welcome the second.

But don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth. Must be the Texan in me, but that two-faced bullshit rankles.


Oh, and Adam, to address your most recent comment, I’ve never claimed that naked build reviews are new, not once. I’d also propose that they’re far more common in the armor world, and I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that you can easily pull off the running gear, twist and pull the turret, and proceed right along with painting the kit. You don’t have to sacrifice armor to a review the way you do with an aircraft build.

And yes, I fully agree with your take on reviewing! It’s not all that much fun. Although I’m having a lot more fun with this Hurricane review that I have with any I’ve done in the past, and I think the way it’s been set up is hugely responsible for that.

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  1. Yoav Efratii says:

    To all who do not agree with your way of reviewing models there is a very simple solution – leave.
    As for naked kit reviews, again, take it or leave it.
    In the multitude of paint brands that have surfaced over the past 5 years, and the unaffordable cost of Federal Standard 595 revision C, I believe that the color, and model paint used to accurately depict the finish is also important.
    Happy Modelling,

  2. Tim Wilding says:

    Wow, Adam Mann was saying these stupid comments? I enjoy watching his YouTube reviews and he seems to know a lot about Tiger tanks. He never has come across as a troll in his videos , but you never know.

  3. Steve Riddy says:

    Shitfalcon Thankyou Matt that will be added to the vocabulary. You must be a pretty miserable sad lonely c**t if you have the time and emotional energy to trolling someone that maybe Adam needs hug? 😉

  4. Jamie Haggo says:

    I’ve been trolled, but it comes with the territory. Get yourself published in the modelling press, garner a Facebook following and the keyboard warriors start sharpening their knives. It’s inevitable.

    I’ve made no secret of the fact that I don’t like the Critique group, but I was only ever very polite in my discussions with Will and decided to leave along with a few others. I then get accused of being “Butthurt” and now every model I place on Facebook is shared then ripped apart, never “constructively critiqued” which I thought was the aim of the page, so everyone can improve. But if that’s how some people enjoy their hobby then fair enough, it’s up to them, it all washes over my head. I build for myself, as does every other modeller.

    I’ve also made no secret of the fact I don’t like the crowd funding idea for this project. But then maybe I didn’t understand? Still, it’s a free society (unless you’re LGBT, live in North Carolina and need a wee or want to buy a birthday cake) so if people are happy to pay into it then fine, it’s their cash, I hope they feel they get value for money.

    I enjoy satire, if it’s done well and if it’s funny.

    In sum. I’ve been trolled by a nom de plume called Roger Franklin, he’s now started on Drewe. It happens, it’s a fact of internet life. These people are weird but I’m made of sterner stuff. I like your blog, and I enjoy your videos.

    1. tonyo262 says:

      C’mon your ego loves it! and actually, it’s kind of flattering, I had one once too….for all of a week.

      God, I miss the oaf. He didn’t provide much in the way of sport though as once caught, he had to be thrown back into the pond along with the rusty shopping trolley, used condoms and that two tone Vauxhall Nova SR 1.3… Actually thinking about it, II bet the fucker evolved gills.

      To paraphrase the immortal Ted Crilly:
      Ted: What was it Jack used to say about the needy? He had a term for them.
      Dougal: A shower of bastards.

    2. willpattison says:

      Jamie, our discussions were polite, but the problem is you just didn’t know when to shut up about it. You went on and on as if you expected everyone to give into your opinion. That sense of entitlement is comes through loud and clear. Your continued misrepresentation and misunderstanding of what takes place within the critique group is at the root of the problem, and posting your comments about it on my personal Facebook page didn’t help. Maybe if you acted less sensitive and entitled, people wouldn’t call you butthurt. As for Drewe Manton, he’s a piece of shit who barely deserves mention here, and your continued support of him undermines your credibility at a minimum.

      1. JIm says:

        Poor, Jamie. Always the victim. As if all your ridicule, mocking, and trolling of our group, it’s members and it’s admins across the internet hasn’t been seen my more than a few. It’s a little late for damage control, no?

    3. Tim says:

      That’s crap. I’ve seen your builds posted on SMCG and by far they get showered with praise.

      As far as Drewe Manton. You two seem to like circle jerking each other on the SMCG spoof page.

      But then again what do I know.

      1. Jamie Haggo says:

        Tim, I’ve seen 2 of my models on there ( a mate sent me screen shots), both pulled apart by the same people. Never constructive. But I’m not bothered. I build for me no one else, if people,don’t like my models then fair enough. I do (mostly), that’s all that counts.

        I’ve “liked” a few comments on the spoof page, satire amuses me. I don’t care what Drewe does on there, if we both “like” the same post then whatever, we liked the same post….. We are friends who share the enjoyment of playing with little plastic model aeroplanes and tanks, plus beer, curry etc. The European Space Agency liked one of my responses to a Tim Peake post, so what?

      2. Doogs says:

        In the interest of transparency, I’ll let people make up their own minds.

    4. Doogs says:

      Yep, you’ve made no secret of your disapproval of the crowd-funding project. Here’s the thing, though. You immediately kneejerked into a completely incorrect assumption:

      And even after clarification, continued to throw shit around the interwebs:

      I’ll give you this much, though – you post with your own name and tend to stick to points of contention rather than resorting to weak ad hominems.

      But to say you’ve said your peace and then go on about it again a day or a week later, or to say you respect me, my builds, hope this effort works out and then go around throwing bombs (or stinkbombs like below), strikes me as disingenuous.

      1. willpattison says:

        if it strikes you as disingenuous it’s because that’s absolutely what it is. Jamie, none of the comments about any of your work have been mean in anyway shape or form. If they don’t strike you as constructive, well… That’s on you. When I said, for example, that I felt that your work on the helicopter left out some very subtle and interesting effects from the real thing, was that somehow insulting to you? Are you somehow above that sort of commentary? Let’s talk about your continued characterization of Drewe Manton’s hate page as “satire”. Is it satire when he makes a video clearly aimed at me and calls me a pompous narcissist? And is it supporting of such “satire” when you post a link to that video on your modelmaking page? How is it exactly that that adds constructive value to the modelmaking space?

      2. Jamie Haggo says:

        Will, it’s not Drewe’s page. And constructive criticism is all about offering advice on “how” to do something different in order to improve something, not just the “what”. The only constructive feedback I take heed of is from people I respect as modellers and hold in high regard. Attaboys are nice and always welcome of course, flattering even. As for “knowing when to shut up”, the phrase “Fearless this is Intrepid, silhouette check over” springs to mind. I’d love to see your attempt at the Wessex, you up for it? It will be interesting to see “how” you tackle the subject and how it turns out.

        Matt. I’ve said all this before but it’s worth saying again here I think. I was, and I remain skeptical. I admire you for doing what you’re doing but it’s been tried before, (albeit in print, and it failed). I think it’s an unsustainable model but I genuinely hope you get out of it what you want and you enjoy it. I hope it works out. Yes I used strong words at times, but I always speak my mind in company of my friends on New Model Barmy and on my profile page, and I am well aware that someone can come in and screen shot it. I guess I could be guilty of knee jerking but I stand by the fact that all in depth reviews show the model before paint, with the added bonus that you get to see them painted too! When I write a review article I will point out negatives, that’s vitally important but I try to write in a manor befitting of a mainstream printed publication. I try to keep character in the piece for entertainment without going off on one as I feel that would come across as unprofessional. If I was to write a review on my own blog or Facebook page then I would be freer to write what I wanted how I wanted. But the underlying messages would be the same, both good and bad.

      3. willpattison says:

        so it’s not drewe’s page. fine. if true (i’m skeptical) is that supposed to be a defense of it’s content or of the fact that you clearly support it? i’m confused as to what your actual point is.

        as for the constructive criticism and your bizarre response….a true craftsman looks for the value in ALL feedback, not just what suits his ego. but you just proved that point perfectly….

      4. Jamie Haggo says:

        Will, it’s called satire shippers. We think it’s amusing, you don’t. If you don’t like it don’t look at it but you are free to as it’s an open group. I don’t like Mylie Cyrus’ music, so I don’t listen to it.

        As for my response, you think it’s bizarre because I suspect you didn’t understand it. Maybe this will help:

        It’s nice when people like my models, it’s especially thrilling if a modeller I hold in particular high regard does it.

        It’s nice plus helpful, if they have an issue with a certain aspect of a model they offer advice on how they would do it differently to get a better, more realistic result. Just pointing out flaws is neither helpful nor constructive and invariably I am aware of them anyway; there’s always something in a project I wish I’d done differently. If they have any constructive advice then it’s easy to track me down on Facebook (my name is pretty rare!) and send me a pm or post on my modelling page. Just posting on a page I have no access to means I, the modeller, don’t get any benefit from it. I’m yet to receive either a pm or a post on my modelling page.

        We all like having our egos stroked, that’s human nature. But I don’t post my models in order to have my ego tummy tickled, I post them for the same reason very many other modellers do; we are proud of our little toy aeroplanes and enjoy posting pictures of them on the interweb. It’s why we take them to modelling shows and sometimes enter them into competitions. Some folk post pictures of their models and specifically ask for help and guidance, when they do I enjoy passing on what I have learned so far, more so if it’s in the field of weathering as that is my passion.

      5. Jamie Haggo says:

        And I never once said, or intimated that I felt “insulted” or that the posts made in your page pointing out flaws were insulting. I merely stated they weren’t exactly constructive or helpful to me as the modeller… which is accurate.

      6. jamie, your continued insistence that the garbage posted on that troll page is nothing but satire either makes you a very poor judge of humor or just thick, which isn’t surprising given your complete inability to understand the actual purpose of the scale modelers critique group. Calling someone a “pompous narcissist with no credibility” in a spoof video, then posting it on your personal modeling page doesn’t make you a lover of fine humor. it makes you a supporter of cuntish behavior. But that’s fine… If that’s the reputation you want, that’s all on you.

      7. Jamie Haggo says:

        Will, I know very well what aims you want for your group. But as I have repeatedly stated, just pointing out flaws in a model whether help has been asked for or not does not, in my opinion, help all modellers to learn and improve their craft. I’m not going to say that again.

        I’ve said my piece on the spoof page. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It clearly irritates you, my solution to things that irritate me is to ignore them, they then become irrelevant. It’s simple. If people assess my personal reputation solely based on me liking a few posts on a satirical spoof Facebook page with exceptionally low visitor hits and updates then fair enough. I think that says more about the other person than I. I’m not really terribly interested in what other people think of me if they base it on that. In fact, I’m not awfully interested in what internet strangers think of me anyway. Some bloke I’ve never heard of, have never met and is never likely to meet doesn’t like me because I liked a few posts on a piss take Facebook page…. ooooh, burn!

  5. Edward Solis says:

    The block feature works real good on facebook .

  6. Ent says:

    Is it really Adam, or is this unidentified person simply trying to sully his reputation? Sorry, I’m a huge Adam Mann fan, so I’m in denial. He certainly doesn’t sound like the kind of person to sling trolly insults…maybe it was a protracted joke?

    1. Doogs says:

      Well, based on IP location and some cross-referencing, I’ve been pretty sure who it’s been since, oh, February or so. Still can’t be 100%, but sharing the same network, with a geography that lines up, and posting within a 15 minute window? It’s also not a suspicion I’ve shared even narrowly, either.

      Occams Razor points me to trying to have it both ways and just not considering the IP.

      1. Ent says:

        Very strange…it’ll be interesting to see how this resolves. Keep us posted!

    2. James says:

      I’m interested to know how someone who trolls is supposed to come across in person. Not everyone does it, I certainly never have, but many who do are ordinary everyday people and not necessarily rabid, foaming at the mouth demagogues. It’s the presumption of anonymity that can bring out the worst in people. Furthermore I don’t see how calling someone a cunt, calling into the question someone’s character or the methods they use to paint (i.e. black-basing) a protracted joke, it’s abuse plain and simple.

  7. jonsteed47 says:

    sorry no comment but a question what company makes a good 1/48 scale Typhoon also one that I can do that is too hard but accurate .

    1. Doogs says:

      As far as I know you have two options – Hasegawa or Revellogram. Haven’t really ever heard a bad thing about the Hasegawa.

      1. Jamie Haggo says:

        The Hasegawa is a lovely kit. The separate upper rear fuselage decking is a pain but its not too bad.

  8. Robert Burke says:

    I’m only interested in your work and pictures on this site! In particular, Doog, the header on one of your blogs is a Me262! How’d you do that taping on bare metal “look”? Never seen better!

  9. Robert Burke says:

    That 262 I was questioning about is the header for the Fly hurricane review and build! Keep on keepin up the good stuff!

    1. Doogs says:

      Yep – site headers rotate randomly so you should see different builds over time

  10. FJMetch says:

    Hi Doog’s

    Never let the haters get to you. As my old Italian Grandmother would say:”They are just envious and jealous”. You as well as a LOT of good people in the modeling community give so much of yourselves and you already know SO MANY of us really appreciate the efforts. I can tell you my skills have improved and I have seen my 12 year old son just make “exponential” improvements due to folks like yourself. Never ever get discouraged and just ignore the Troll’s .

    Best wishes

    Fred from Indiana and son “Joey”

  11. Gene says:

    I’m a web engineer and your methodology is pretty good. He could be spoofing the address but given the lack of sophistication in the posts I doubt it.

    I wasn’t wild about the naked reviews plan, but I admire that you’re actually trying to do something with the site. And there is such a thing as being pleasantly proven wrong, so it’ll be interesting to see what you come up with.

  12. Rick says:


    Through the magic of technology the Troll has been found out. IP addy don’t lie. Sure, the EZ way out is deny, deny, deny.

    Matt and I returned to modelling about the same time. I’ve been following Doogs’ since his TAM P51B build. It’s been a fun ride. I gained much intell at Matt’s expense and I thank you. Matt has always been very helpful to answer my questions. What works for Matt may not work for me, so what.

    It’s certianly ok not to agree with someone or something. Since I have been following modeling forums I frequently see some maturity level that amazes me. Name calling, finger pointing, yada, yada, yada.

    Some of the child like venomous responses are comical at best and belong in an elementary school time out. Sure wish I had the time required for the Trollers to show off their intellectual agility. With all that time I might be able to get more that 2 or 3 builds done a year.

    Its true, the Haters Gonna Hate, The Flamers Gonna Flame. Can’t you all just go away?

    Matt, keep up the great work and the gloves off process.

    Cheers – Rick

  13. jeff brundt says:

    I’ve been doing this for many years now and some things never change. Your should have seen things on the old newsgroup Internet boards over 15 – 20 years ago. Now there was some wild west days.
    The advent of the Internet is that its given anyone with a connection and email account a method to broadcast to the world how much more right and correct they are over everyone else. And how their opinion is gospel and woe be unto those who don’t adhere and follow.
    Blah, blah, blah….
    Eventually you learn to get the wheat from the chaff.

  14. Richard Jongepier says:

    Like usual, i have nothing intelligent to say. I just wanted my name on here. Shitfalcon, i like it!

  15. Drewe says:

    I don’t have any problem with the naked reviews. I don’t think they work long term, but that’s a personal opinion based on seeing them in the past. I don’t have a problem with crowdfunding in any way – other people’s money, up to them how they spend it, and is backed by painstaking clarity over incomings and outgoings. That’s all fine, above board and dandy.
    I do worry that you’re making a rod for your own back. Reviewing can be stressy and motivation sapping. Stepping up to do all that part while not even getting the benefit of a finished model? There’s a certain nobility, but it invites burn out.

    And any decent length review has pics of the model under construction anyway. But then I don’t think reviews are “broken” in the first place (for the most part – “every rule” etc). The nearest I’ve come is point blank refusing to review a model so execrably bad from an accuracy standpoint that I couldn’t bear it. So I refused to review it, and the editor accepted gracefully, told the company WHY I’d refused, and everyone moved on. And I’m currently reviewing two others from the same company so it doesn’t hurt the relationship. It’s just too simple to say “reviews are broken” in my opinion. Some may be, some shih kd actually be called advertorials and be done with it. But most? I reckon they’re pretty honest, without being brutal.
    But I’ll watch with interest.

    1. Doogs says:

      Drewe – agreed 100% that reviews can be a slog. So far the Hurricane has been refreshing, but it’ll be interesting to see how things stand several kits down the line. I think that the whole contributor voting aspect really does wonders for the enthusiasm.

      As for reviews being broken – I think there’s only so far that in-box reviews can go, even with test-fitting. So many things only reveal themselves when you get into the build. And those account for probably what, at least 80% of all reviews? Actual build reviews seem a lot more common on the armor side – I believe in part because it’s entirely possible to build the thing up, then pull off the tracks and wheels and get into painting as normal. With aircraft, build reviews tend to be more just builds. Engineering and fit get lost in talk of corrections, additions, schemes, markings, weathering and everything else that goes into a build. And the actual build part often as not gets lip service and a callout of maybe a particularly terrible or excellent element.

      “Reviews are broken” is probably too strong. But there’s a hole out there in what the vast majority of reviews cover. We’ll see where the Hurricane ends up, but so far the halfway point thoughts have seemed rather useful to a number of people.

      1. Jamie Haggo says:

        I think in box reviews are pretty much a waste of time. So what if it looks good on the runners or the decals are in register and shiny? The Classic Airframes Gannet looks great in the box, but it’s a complete pig! Rarely do I hear about accuracy in these types of reviews either, but I suppose it’s more difficult to assess than having it built up on the bench. All the blah on Facebook and forums over CAD pictures and pre production test shots make me zone out, tedium ad infinitum.

      2. Drewe says:

        Actually “broken” may be too strong – but I see where you’re coming from. Perhaps we were at odds due to some confusion over nomenclature! I don’t really regard “in box” as reviews, so pay them little heed in the scheme of things. I find them useful to see what options and breakdown a kit has, but past that? I’d agree they are of little use.

        I regard what happens in the eat of most magazines as “reviews”. . a full build of a new kit, and for the most part that’s what we have these days – builds or conversions of older models do happen, but they are very much in the minority in these days of rolling releases and a fast moving industry. So I think we’re sort of in agreement over that issue – not “broken” but not of much use either as a measure of how actually “good” a model is.

  16. Drewe says:

    And for the record. . . the satire “critique” group isn’t mine Will. Honestly, it really, really isn’t. In fact I think I have posted to it once or twice and that’s it. I did set up a similarly named group which is public and, in the way of these things set up in the that of the moment , actually moribund, and due for deletion because it was a satirical response with no substance, intended or accidental.

    You will know if I make a public attack or harshly satirical post. . .it will have my name attached to it. Honestly, I have NEVER hid behind a name to attack people, I have no fake accounts anywhere, and have never used a pseudonym to post on a forum or Facebook page. You’ll know it’s me because it’ll have my name attached to it.

    That’s all I have to say, your scepticism is noted, but is wasted.

    1. willpattison says:

      Fine. I’ll agree to take your word for it. That however does not erase the video you uploaded to your channel. Nor does it erase your support of the effort to malign smcg or matt, jim, and myself. If you’re suffering from guilt by association, that’s unfortunate, but the solution to that is simple. Don’t be associated.

      1. Drewe says:

        It wasn’t supposed to erase anything, it was merely clarifying that when I do something, it will have my name attached. Whether you approve or not is immaterial. Simple as that. Your approval is neither solicited nor relevant.

  17. Drewe says:

    Oh, and I malign SMCG because I think it’s malignant. As simple as that.

  18. Scalemodelian says:

    Man, I’m way behind on this, but if this is all true, I’m really disappointed. Adam has had some seriously offensive trolling on his channel in the past. So I don’t get it. Well I just don’t get it in general that there are a few modelers who can’t play nice. I love it though that so many of them are like “The hobby is going to die!” Well we know it’s not but who the crap wants to hang out or learn from a bunch of nay saying shithawks

  19. Scooter says:

    Once again I marvel at your skills and ability’s to show us (well me) neophytes how the Dark Clouds form and Thunder Rumbles when modeling Titans fling the bolts of critique an’ satire through the modeling cosmos.
    As for me I wear my barn boots when I venture into the virtual world of forum comments. All the while remaining cognizant of your “Atta boy” article, by striving to say “what” I fine good or have questions about in my comments.
    You rise to a greater modeling height, than yours truly, this is reason enough for the lighting, wind and rain find you first. ‘S OK I got my umbrella out.

  20. Rudy says:

    Reading through this was kinda like hearing over the Wally World intercom, “Paging Mr. Dover, Mr. Ben Dover, please come to customer service.” . It’s funny yet shocking all at the same time. I enjoy modeling and have been doing it for more than 47 years. I am still amused by this new media “Flamming” stuff. Heck I was scared to death the first time I displayed a 1/48 scale Monogram F4F Wildcat I had built, at the age of 12, only to have some pompous old man hack, that is what I thought back then, tell me it was the wrong color??? Well that was true and I learned from it and started my way on the path of self development in the way of improving my model skills. I have had a lot of criticism of my finished models. Most good from the perspective of how to improve and some that was just mean. I think anyone who has built a model and put it out there for all to see knows the difference. It’s just amazing how many want the adulation, but are thin skinned when it comes to the perception of what is good and what needs to be improved. Matt/Doog kinda yanked my chain when I read his Rant on Pre-shading Panel Lines VS Black Base Coat. I was mentally pissed, like when that “Old Hack” told me my F4F was the wrong color. Like back then, I took a step back and considered the idea and came to the conclusion, maybe I should try it first instead of asking what dark magic is this?(No Punn Intended) The day we stop looking outside the box and learning is the day we stop developing for the better. JMHO

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