Kits that Need to Happen


I know I’ve written something like this before. But some recent subject-hunting has pissed me off all over again. So here are some kits that should exist (or exist in a higher quality tooling than the cartoon trash that’s technically available today).

In no particular order.

1/32 Allison-engined Mustangs – That’s right, the P-51, P-51A, and A-36. Make it fucking happen. While they were completely  eclipsed by the Merlin ‘Stangs, these early variants tore shit up in North Africa and Italy and deserve better than the Hobbycraft kit you can’t even find anymore.

1/32 Curtiss P-40F and P-40L “Desert Hawk” – Speaking of North Africa, Hasegawa makes a P-40E, P-40M and P-40N, which is great if you get all excited about the South Pacific and CBI theaters. But in North Africa and Italy, the Merlin-engined P-40F and L were the mounts of choice for the USAAF until P-47s and P-51s came onto the scene.

1/48 RF-4C Phantom – Recce version of the F-4C with a modified nose to hold the camera goodies. Like most recce aircraft, the RF-4C stayed in service well after most other Phantom variants were sent to the boneyard or the scrapyard. It also played a significant role in Desert Storm, and would be a simple extension for a kitmaker with an already solid F-4C Phantom. Cough…Academy…cough.

1/48 F-4G Phantom – What’s cooler than a Desert Storm-era recce Phantom? A Desert Storm-era  Wild Weasel Phantom. The Hasegawa offering is dated and sad.

1/32 Spitfire Mk.Vc – Jesus. Why does everyone always make the wrong Spitfires? The Vb is interesting, but when you start going on a hunt for Spitfire Vs, it seems that at least half of the really great references that show up are sporting the C wing.

1/35 AH-64 Apache – I know people bitch about helicopters in 1/35 scale and not 1/32 (aside from Revell), but get over it. Between Academy and Trumpeter and Dragon that’s what we’ve got. And one thing we don’t have in that scale? The best helicopter gunship in the world.

1/48 or 1/35 Kamov Ka-52 “Alligator” – Helicopters in general are egregiously underrepresented in kit and aftermarket selection – and Russian helicopters in particular get far too little attention. This twin-seater would be an awesome subject to build, but alas…no dice.

1/48 Su-25 Frogfoot – Yes, there’s a Revell kit. And it’s…not great. We can do better. I’d be stunned if Trumpeter or AMK or someone doesn’t have this sucker in their roadmap.

1/32 A-4E and A-4M Low-Viz Decals – Yes, I get it. 1/32 jets get the absolute shaft when it comes to decal selection. A lot of the great 1/48 players like Furball just don’t even touch 1/32. But to date, guess how many low-viz marking options exist for 1/32 Scooters? That’s right – ZERO.

1/32 Late-Variant Corsairs – Look. I love Tamiya’s F4U-1 and -1A Corsairs. There’s something lithe and lethal about the WWII-era Corsairs for sure. But I also dig the hell out of the chunkier post-war, Korean-era Corsairs. The Corsairs that transitioned from dogfighters to bomb-chucking, rocket-slinging close air support badasses. And don’t even talk to me about Trumpeter’s shitty F4U-4. We can do better. And better should include F4U-4Bs, F4U-5Ns, AU-1s and a French F4U-7 just for giggles.

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  1. Herber says:

    Can I add: an accurate, decent and modern version of A-10 Warthog in 1/48 scale? All the ones on the market totally suck.

  2. Ondřej Šusta says:

    There is the old OEZ/Kopro 1/48 Su-25 Frogfoot… Never know about the Revell, but need to check it 🙂 But both need a lot of work. But for the OEZ there are at least the resin and PE parts to make it better.

  3. Chuck Byram says:

    I’d love a 1/32nd AU-1 to do up in that gray and white paint scheme!!

  4. Cassandra Branch says:

    Yes, yes, yes.
    I’m currently in an airliner jag, where manufacturers are still in the Lindberg, Aurora & Renwal era. Wheel well and engine details? Airliners don’t have them.
    Two miracles happened within the past year with Trumpeter’s 1/48 DC-3 (C-47) and Revell’s 1/72 DC-4 (C-54). They give hope that maybe airliners have entered the radar. How about an excellent, correct, detailed DC-6? (In any scale!!) …Not to mention Lockheed’s Constellation (the most beautiful airplane ever built), Boeing 707, DC-8…

    Presumably manufacturers are market-driven even in the high end “expert modeler” niche. Is there a database of kit sales available? Apparently military outsells civilian by a large margin. Jets outsell propellers. Chinese companies refuse to do Japanese subjects. …And we’re forced to be satisfied with only having celebrity aircraft, like the P-51, Corsair and Spitfire.

    But wait a minute! Somehow Wingnut Models has been able to release scores of unknown WW-1 crates, all in astonishing detail. Is there something Kiwi’s know that the rest of the world doesn’t? Are they subsidized by Hobbit dollars?

    It’s a mystery.

    1. Cassandra Branch says:

      It’s Halloween. If you want the fright of your life, look at Mach 2’s Convair 440 series (“retooled”, released 2013). You’ll never complain about Hasatamiya again!

  5. Alex Ewing says:

    Love the site, Doogs! I’ve been lamenting for years the lack of a good (or any?) 1/32 F-82 Twin Mustang. What’s better than one mustang? Two mustangs stuck together!

  6. Zach says:

    Oh come on Doogs, seriously???!!! No 1/48 OV-10 Bronco???!!!

  7. Scott Atchison says:

    As long as we’re on helos, we need new Vietnam era Hueys and Cobras. Perhaps no other conflict has the helo been such an iconic player. AH-1G please!

    1. Doogs says:

      Pretty sure Kitty Hawk is working up an early Huey, wouldn’t surprise me if an AH-1G or AH-1J follows close behind.

      1. Koray says:

        A new 1/48 UH-1D

  8. Darren Holmes says:

    I believe that Airfix is just bringing a 1/48 P40 kit out, specifically for “Pearl harbour” and “Flying tigers i.e Pacific” design. Maybe have a look at this model to satisfy your P40 lust? Not 1/32 i know but may help in the interim.

    1. Doogs says:

      It’s a P-40B/C, which already exists in multiple scales (nevermind that nobody seems able to get it right…at least the attempts have been made)

    1. Doogs says:

      1) The Hobbycraft kits are basically impossible to find anymore

      2) They’re also the AccuMini 1/48 kits upscaled to 1/32. The Allison Stangs deserve better.

  9. Nikos says:

    Those are some good suggestions. I would also add a Su-22 in 1/48 (Kitty Hawk is making one), a spad xiii in 1/32 (wingnut wings). Finally I would appreciate a 1/48 draken (I find hasegawa’s kit a bit lacking)

  10. Ben says:

    Hasegawa did a 1/48 rf-4c. Went together ok too.

    1. Doogs says:

      It’s 30+ years old at this point, too. Hasegawa’s Phantoms pale next to Academy’s new tools.

  11. DIO says:

    How about a decent F-4E? These birds have written history and still do in Greek sky

  12. Leander says:

    When one walks trough Monino Airmuseum in Moscow, you just realise how little all those famous Russian subjects are touched. Su-22, Mig-11, Su-15 just to start some. And go to Kiev Zuliany and you fall out of the sky how many Helicopters the Russian engineers actually designed. Seeing this I much rather prefer to see pop up such “taboo” models than another F-xy on more accurate boxing.
    And for the F-4 1/48 call check out the new Zokey Moura -j and the promess for the full line!

  13. Sean Hert says:

    How about a 1/48 early Skyraider, like from the AD series or a A-1E? 1/48 Lockeed Neptune? 1/48 PB4Y-2 Privateer?

    1/32 CH-54 Tarhe.

  14. Nikos says:

    HK models 1/32 B52 would be ridiculous and amazing

  15. Crawford Wilson says:

    I am STILL waiting for someone to make a reasonable P-51B/C in 1/32 scale. I hear HpH may release an A-20 Havoc. I saw a guy working on one in the promotional video they have online. Either 1/48 or 1/32 will work for me as the A-20 is one of my faves!

    1. Doogs says:

      HK has the B/C in development

  16. sgt. Poulton says:

    Mi-28 1/48, since there’s no any even close to real mi-28 kits. Ive seen several Ka’s but never single decent mi28. Sad

  17. Nalanji says:

    Really good analyse Doogs. But if you allow, I will just add Puma/Super Puma/EC225 family on 1/48 & 1/35 scale in your list.

  18. Gus says:

    Would love AMK to scale up their Mig-25 and 31 to 1/32 scale as I love the Soviet era jets. A nice Mig-27 would be great as well. Agree as well, Matt, that there are far too few helicopters out there. As some seem to be going ‘large’ in 1/48, how about the ‘V’ bombers – would love a big Victor to do as a refuelling bird.

  19. ted upcott says:

    I would like to add the NATO jets in 1/48. F-35, F-22, Rapheal, Typhoon, and Griffen.

  20. Eric Bergerud says:

    It’s tough to fathom but two major US WWII combat aircraft have no recent kits. First is the B-26 of which 5200 were built and gave splendid service out of England vs Europe. (That’s how you can tell whether the USAAF preferred B-25s or 26s: the best flew out of England.) A good 1/48 would be nice – there’s only one kit now out, a 1/72 Hasegawa. Second is the P-38. As I understand it the 1/48 Hasegawa (1992) is real trouble. The Minicraft/Academy/Eduard 1/48 gets decent reviews, but this is another early 90s kit. Sure wish Tamiya would pop one: the wings and booms would fit and I’d guess theyd figure a place for weight in the front.. (I’ve got the new Airfix P-40B. It certainly looks a lot better than any other P-40 I’ve seen. I’ve liked all the AF kits out in the last three years or so.)

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