Contributor-Funded Kit Reviews: Round 3 Selection Time!

I know, I know. It’s been a little while since Round 2. There are lots of reasons – like laziness, work, wanting to actually build things – but I also wanted to give a bit of time for new releases to somewhat refresh themselves. And have they ever – Round 3 may prove to be the most difficult vote yet.

Or like Round 1 and Round 2, one or two kits will leave all the others in the dust.

Housekeeping Stuff

What’s the deal with these reviews? Check out the REVIEWS PAGE, MANIFESTO and FAQ is you want to get up to speed.

Starting with Round 2, some changes have been implemented to the voting process. You can read up on them HERE. Basically – if you vote for the kit that ends up winning, some portion of those votes will be “retired”.

Want to contribute to the effort and get on board the Round 3 selection train? Visit the FundRazer link:


Okay, okay, enough housekeeping. Let’s get on to the Round 3 contenders.

Round 3 – Fight!

Here are your tributes –

  1. 1/72 Airfix B-17G Flying Fortress
  2. 1/48 Airfix P-40B Tomahawk
  3. 1/48 Hobby Boss Su-27 Flanker
  4. 1/32 HK Models B-17E/F Flying Fortress
  5. 1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-17/22 Fitter
  6. 1/48 Meng P-51D Mustang
  7. 1/32 Special Hobby Yak-3
  8. 1/48 Hobby Boss Su-34 Fullback
  9. 1/35 Takom King Tiger
  10. 1/35 Tamiya M40
  11. 1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4J Phantom II
  12.  1/2700 Zvezda Imperial Star Destroyer

Voting is live now (Friday 11/25/16) – so if you’ve contributed, keep an eye on your inbox! And if you want to have a say, you can contribute HERE.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Aidan says:

    I’ve built both B17G Airfix and P40 Airfix kits and they both are a pain in the butt to build. 0/10

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