And the Winner Is…



2016 is definitely a year of, uh, unexpected elections. Let’s just leave that at that.

The Contributor-Funded Kit Reviews Round 3 vote, it seems, is no exception.

After the Round 1 and 2 votes saw the eventual winners pull into a commanding lead relatively early on, Round 3 was different. The early favorite fell off late, and two other subjects remained neck and neck. Trading places as votes came in.

For a while, it seemed that Kitty Hawk’s upcoming Su-17/22 Fitter would squeak it out. And then HK’s big B-17E/F nosed ahead. And then it went back, and forth.

And then they fucking tied. 106 to 106.

Well. Shit. I hadn’t planned for this.

Jesus take the wheel?

There have been a few suggestions to flipping a coin or other random-selection mechanisms. No. Maybe it’s the way I’m wired, I don’t know, but I’ve never been a fan of turning things over to random chance. Random chance has enough say in our lives as it is.

I’m also not keen on a run-off, because that’s another fucking mail merge to set up, and limiting it to those who voted the first time out would require some Excel formulas that I don’t want to work out on a weekend.

Determining the winner

So what’s going to determine the winner?

Two things.

First, a bastardized bicameralism. The US government divides its legislative branch into two bodies. The House of Representatives is based on proportional representation. States with more people have more representatives. Then there’s the Senate, where every state has two senators, and most of them are assholes.

To determine the winner, I’m going to look not only at the vote total, but the voter total. My main voting system is $1 = 1 vote, but for runoff purposes, a 1 vote per person approach will indicate which subject has a broader base of support.

Second, which one I feel is more in need of a rigorous build review. With both the Fly Hurricane and Kinetic F/A-18C, I feel like there was enormous benefit to covering how the things actually come together. If you’re going to build one, it helps to know where to pay extra attention or drink extra alcohol.

And the winner is…

The winner, on both counts, is the Kitty Hawk Su-17/22 Fitter.


In terms of the “popular vote”, the Fitter musters 61% of the vote to the B-17’s 39%. Essentially – more people are interested in seeing the Fitter reviewed.

In terms of which is more in need of review, I have to concede, that’s the Fitter as well. For a few reasons.

  • The HK B-17E/F definitely skirts my own “no warmed over variants releases” rule. Given the interest in the subject that a lot of people have (I’m more a B-24J fan…), and the retooling effort HK went through moving from the B-17G, I gave it a pass. But we already know HK’s B-17 is a pretty sweet kit.
  • There are lots of B-17 kits. There are fuck all Su-17 kits. Well, there’s a terrible ancient kit, but you get the idea.
  • The Fitter is a Kitty Hawk kit, and we know what that means.
  • The B-17 is so size prohibitive in 1/32 that it has a limited audience, and that audience is going to buy it or not buy it on factors other than me dropping F-bombs on YouTube. Yeah there’s a Car & Driver-reviews-a-Ferrari quality to it I guess, but I’m not Car & Driver.

So. The Su-17/22 it is.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Vilius says:

    Su-17/22 and MIG-21… Hmmmm… Siamese twins. Strating 21 in Jan and Su-17/22 is in my scope as the fiercesed anemies machine.
    Lookiing forward what the heck Doog will say. Cause me believe him 100% for some rork reason.

  2. Ethan says:

    Woohoo! This is the one I wanted all along. Kitty Hawk kits are such an unknown quantity when it comes to building…..Perfect for this format.

  3. mostrich says:

    Ha, made my vote just 12 hours before deadline and – funny enough – two of them were for the Sukhoi. So I’m one of those who are responsible for forcing you to deal with Shitty Hawk again. But in the end it was your decision, and I’m 100% with you in the way you made it. Looking forward to your review.
    As a result of the last one I’ve ordered the F/A-18C. Thanks again for the effort!

  4. Scooter says:

    Well Thank goodness the wait is over.

    But wait is that a molder in East Undershirt NJ who is calling for a recount? Oh Gad! it was all over but for the silvering and paint runs. Hope it works out (snicker snicker)

    Sick ’em Doogs ! we’re behind you.

  5. Steve Towle says:

    So Communism wins over Democracy…apple pie,truth,justice and the American way? Kitty Hawks reputation for making kits to fit in one size fits all boxes …an exaggeration but, a half truth given the complexity of the fuselage designs such, as the Voodoo and the Panther coming up with parts counts that have created alignment problems for many modelers. The Fitter is a interesting subject in this scale and lets hope its build able and accurate kit. The HK kit is well researched and is a marvelous canvas for recreating of the nose art that was displayed on many F models and fueled the imagination of many baby boomer who grew watching “Twelve O-clock High”. The kit has to be displayed …hung on the walls by its tail or you build a big coffee table. I guess size matters. Its fitting that a Fitter gets built…

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