It’s Called a Flightpose. Jesus.

When you run a Facebook page with more than 13,000 followers, you get some…tedious questions.

I generally try to be understanding. Facebook’s algorithm can mean that only a few thousand people see any given post, and maybe they missed the paints being used, or what effect I’m after or whatever. Fair enough.

But there’s one question that pops up endlessly. Well, variations on the question, but yeah.

“What stand is that?”

“Where do you get that stand?”

“Is that a stand I can buy?”

I can get why people are interested. It’s a (mostly) cool stand. It’s one of the most commonly used items on my bench.

But here’s the thing. I’ve been using this stand for at least five years. This is not a thing that I just picked up a few weeks ago.

Questions about it with every post officially got old around four and a half years ago. And so over time I just…stopped answering.

So just like that other near-constant question, I’ve decided to do a quick post as an answer.

The stand is made by Flightpose. And you can buy them HERE.

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  1. Yes, but what *is* it? And is it still available?

  2. Chuck Byram says:

    Ah, the trials and tribulations of being successful…. It must be a drag that 18000 people like and respect you and want to emulate what you do. C’mon Doogster, lighten up and enjoy the ride!

  3. Andrew Callis says:

    A first maybe ? Has it ever dropped a model ?

  4. Ray Kolls says:

    I buy these to display my models. They are terrific. Each leg of the stand is adjustable and held in place with a screw. The end of the leg is tipped with a slightly tacky adhesive which holds the model in place but does not mar the surface. Highly recommend these.

  5. Shayne says:

    I really appreciate that I’m not the only one who wishes people would read. I agree I understand you might write that you use X decals, and like your stand I use many sheets from one particular manufacturer, yet I’m asked in each post nearly who decals and here I am thinking it’s two posts up says it…..
    But I deal with this sort of crap at work as well so I should be used to it.
    Happy building.

  6. CaGo says:

    I have these stands since many years. There quite expensive. Especially here in Europe/Germany.
    They changed over the years the caps on the adjustable legs.
    First they had been black, now they’re white-translucent.
    Unfortunately my expierence is that they do leave marks.
    And if the model is displayed in more “active” position it can start to creep and eventually falls off.
    I had this twice. So be careful.
    Best Regards!

  7. Scooter says:

    So, you expect your fans to ‘read” ALL the words first? HA! Not likely to happen -ever. Todays modern reader just sees what they can see right in front of themselves and then lets the -verbal diarrhea- ah, the stream of conscience type-fest begin. By the way how do you stick the models on th…..never mind, I read the whole web page; I’m such an elitist

  8. brian says:

    Thanks for the info and post. Just clicked the link and bought one!

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