No Mo Rainbow


When I first conceived of the idea of Tank the Rainbow around the end of 2020, I knew that it would be a tough thing to get across to people. Hell, it was tough enough working out for myself what exactly I wanted it to be.

There’s just a lot to explain at once. Hell, the video I made laying it all out is nearly 10 minutes long.

As I started to put it out there, it became apparent that plenty of people didn’t really get it, or why I was doing it. Which is fine. It’s a project for me and for my improvement.

Still, I figured as the finished products started rolling out, that would change. More people would get it, would see what I was trying to do. And more did.

Just…not very many more.

Let’s talk about numbers

I have a deep background in content marketing, and part of that world involves analyzing the performance metrics of said content. How are people finding it? How many are watching or reading it? Are they sharing it? Thankfully with the Doogs Models stuff, I’m not having to worry about shit like CPC or conversion rates, but I do occasionally do a quick performance audit just to see what’s working and what’s not.

Particularly on YouTube.

Because if I’m going to put multiple hours into cutting a video, I’d rather spend it cutting a video that more people are going to watch and comment on than one that just kinda sits in the corner like me at a party.

So far in 2021, I’ve released 27 videos. The most popular one is, randomly, my Most Anticipated Kits video, which I guess caught a lucky break on the algorithm wave and has racked up over 31,000 views.

Next up is my Tamiya F-4B test-fit review, which makes sense. High profile kit, a chance to see how it goes together, striking while the iron’s hot.

Then there’s the Kitty Hawk shutting down video, followed by Tamiya F-4B and Das Werk U9 installments trading spots, all between 12,000 and 20,000 views. Nothing by Night Shift standards, but pretty big numbers for me.

And WAAAAAAAAY at the bottom? The Red R35 video, with 2,800 views, and the Orange PL-01, with just over 2,100.

To put that in perspective, I released a new F-4 episode 5 days ago as of this writing, and it’s already racked up over 9,800 views.

Hell, my review of a fucking lamp is more popular.

Numbers don’t matter. But effort does.

Typically, I wouldn’t care all that much if a video flopped. The YouTube algorithm is a cruel mistress. Shit happens.

But in the case of Tank the Rainbow, there’s substantial effort involved. Recording a fuckton of clips, managing all the gigs and terrabytes they gobble up. Writing and recording voiceovers. Editing.

All of that takes time. And not just time already sunk into the Red and Orange tanks. I still have five more colors to work through.

Peace out.

Based on the effort-to-reward ratio, carrying on with the Tank the Rainbow series just doesn’t make sense. So I’m not going to.

Tank the Rainbow will continue. Just…on its own. For me. Without the videos. And I’m going to pour that time I would have spent editing and whatnot into the builds themselves.

I may do a final post-mortem type thing on them. I don’t really know. But yeah, no mo rainbow videos.

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  1. Si Hawke says:

    Shame, as I watch all of your vids with a keen interest but totally get the effort Vs reward thing. I would definitely like to see a post mortem of the finished project, you can’t beat learning from someone else’s mistakes!
    Personally, If you reviewed/ built ” a rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong” kit I’d watch it and learn from it!

  2. Clyde says:

    Well don’t loose any sleep over it. Modellers are fickle folk at the best of times. Just ask my wife. As long as you are having fun with the hobby that is all that matters. When it stops being fun, find a new interest. Really appreciate your work. Thanks heaps.

  3. Aizowsky says:

    Maybe because you are mostly aircraft modeller and there is huge separation in community between vehicle and aircraft modellers so they weren’t interested.

    Personally I find this project very interesting and eye opening, but sadly some people cannot understand this.Everything outside standard camo patterns is deeply rejected. Lately I was tired with german ’45 camos and painted turret of my tank in light blue which goes nicely with dunkelgelb. Some people were ok, some ignored, but there was group asking and trying to rationalize ‘why, why? is this some kind of prototype? maybe from game?’ and couldn’t accept my answer that it’s just pained in blue, nothing more, noting less.

    So don’t be discouraged, value your time and continue.

  4. Bill Andrea says:

    Hi Doug
    Enjoying your work and stumbled onto your websight thru YouTube.
    I enjoy watching you and what you have to say as opposed to other modeling
    web sights that are mostly half assed. You have my respect.
    You have a good brain and a deep interest in the process of modeling.
    I like your take on the hobby.
    Enjoyed viewing your Black201 videos and color theory and your curiosity to explore.
    Been modeling since age 9 and into my late 60’s now . Time flies when you follow your
    passions. Thank for being here Doug. Take care !
    I live in the woods of Warren County, Va., and do most of my work on the front porch …
    mostly 1/32 aircraft, mostly WWII era … but occasionally armor and infantry. I work alone.

  5. sttuartt88 says:

    Sad but makes sense. I first heard of this on Sprue Cutters Union podcast and was intrigued. I think it’s a great idea, an excellent way of exploring colour theory and use of mediums, but then I went to art school where we spent days just making marks and looking at them.
    I guess the majority of model makers are wanting ‘how to’ videos, not ones exploring theory.
    I appreciate guys like you giving your time for our benefit . I also appreciate you have to weigh up wether that time is being wasted.
    Anyway, keep up the good work and keep us posted through Facebook etc.

  6. As usual your analysis it’s spot on, as I begin reading I thought, but wait a minute Doogs really doesn’t care much about outside opinions and certainly will not stop building the rainbow series, but, It’s clear as much as some people enjoy the series it shows less appeal such as the phantom build for example. I understand your reasons. They are based purely on the solid data, as a UX Researcher I smirked when you said that the conversion rates don’t mean much in your channel… but we all know how time consuming and complex it is for you to make your wonderful videos. So head on to the decision to focus your time and effort on documenting in more mainstream productions.
    Keep on the great work.

  7. Dennis says:

    I like that one with the tiger stripes. It reminds me of the GI Joe Tiger Force vehicles.

    1. Doogs says:

      That’s the exact intent!

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