Tamiya P-47D Build Report 3: Painting

With principal construction wrapped up (see Build Report 2), it’s time to move on to painting. I wasn’t entirely happy with the way the Monogram P-47 came out, so this time around I planned to try things a bit differently. Nose and Tail Hairless Joe sported the signature red cowl ring of the 56th Fighter…

Monogram P-47 – Painting

In the last post, I explored Monogram’s venerable old kit and detailed the main assembly process. This time, it’s all about the paint.

No Perfect Paints

Since my return to modeling this summer, I’ve been experimenting with paints. A lot. I used Testors Model Master enamels almost exclusively when I was growing up, but between the internet and, you know, being grown up, I have a lot more resources at my disposal to track down brands that aren’t available at the…

Eduard Yak-3 – Painting

With main construction finished (see Eduard Yak-3 – Cockpit and Main Assembly) and the major fuselage seams filled and sanded, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff – painting!

Soft Masks: Child’s Play

I hate masking. Of all the various aspects of modeling, it’s probably the task I enjoy least. Unfortunately, until model paints are replaced by nanotechnology and little pigment robots that can lay down exactly where you tell them with no hint of overspray, masking is a necessity. With the Eduard Yak-3 and Zvezda La-5, I’ve…