2011 Year-End Retrospective

If I had to sum up 2011 in a single word, I’d probably go with “grinding”. This has been a year. Two job switches. A layoff and a month and a half of unemployment. Building a house. A move (which we’re still recovering from!). A November of aggravating ailments and injuries. The hottest summer ever…

Tamiya M4 Sherman Build Report 4: Weathering, Part II

This is it. The home stretch. With the Sherman drybrushed, filtered and streaked, it’s time to move on to dirtying up the lower hull, suspension and tracks. A Little Somethin’ Somthin’ When I was weathering this Sherman, the idea I held in my mind was of a tank racing across Sicily as part of Patton’s…

Tamiya M4 Sherman Build Report 3: Weathering, Part I

In the last build report, the Sherman got its paint and markings. Now, it’s time for the good stuff – weathering! My past experience with weathering tanks is minimal. I probably built ten or so armor kits growing up, but I don’t really remember weathering them. If I did it was the simplest of drybrushing….

Techniques: Drybrushing

As an aircraft modeler, I’ve been acquainted with drybrushing for a good long time. It’s one of those techniques that I employ on almost every build, particularly as a way to add detail to cockpits, or subtle paint chipping to propellers, the leading edges of wings, and other bits where aircraft usually exhibit wear. But…

Tamiya M4 Sherman Build Report 2: Base Paint and Markings

It’s been the better part of a month since I provided any sort of an update on the Sherman. Never fear, I haven’t abandoned it. Rather, it’s just been the second priority on my bench, so I’ve only been getting to it in between the P-47 and now the Eduard Bf 109E-7. Nevertheless, progress continues….

Tamiya M4 Sherman Build Report 1: Main Assembly

Building models as a kid, I mostly stuck with aircraft, though I occasionally ventured out and build a few ships, figures, and yes, armor. I remember enjoying the armor kits, but hating the tracks with a passion. Assembling the individual track links was a skill that was, at the time, way out of my reach….