At Long Last, Some Armor Back Up in Here!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I’ve touched an armor kit. I think it’s about time I remedy that and polish off one of my long-languishing builds. But which one? The Tasca M4A3(76)W Up-gunned Sherman… …or the Trumpeter KV-2?

Four Down

Finished up main construction on Dragon’s T-34/85 tonight: That makes tank number four of my tank binge. Number three – the Cyber-Hobby M4A4: Number two – Trumpeter’s KV-2: And number one – the Tasca M4A3(76)W Sherman: Stay tuned for a full write-up of the Dragon T-34, as well as the next tank in line.

Trumpeter KV-2 Build Report 1: Construction

The tank binge continues. As I’ve mentioned in several previous posts, we’re in the process of packing up to move. And the bench is not exempt. While the paints, airbrushes, decal solutions and all manner of other stuff gets stuffed into boxes to move ten minutes across town, I’ve kept some essential building supplies out….

Tank Time Update

The rash of tank building while the majority of the bench is packed away continues. The Trumpeter KV-2 is through main construction, save one run of friul tracks. Up next? The Cyber-Hobby Orange Box M4A4 Sherman, which is destined for a kickin’ natural metal finish. But for now, like the others, is just going to…

Tanks. A Lot.

The move is approaching. Our closing date on the new house is set for late October, and we’ve been prepping by cleaning out and packing up as we can with two small children darting about underfoot and generally deciding that when daddy is on the ladder changing a light fixture is the ideal time to…